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Why the Scale is Your Own Worst Enemy

woman yelling at scale

How much do you weigh? Who cares! Weight is one of the most meaningless measures of your fitness. Here’s why and what you should be measuring instead.

Healthy Recipe Roundup | 24th Edition

healthy recipe roundup

Baked Parmesan Garlic Chicken, No Sugar Oat Drop Cookies, Chicken Zucchini Pesto Roll Ups, Frozen Peanut Butter & Banana Nibblers, & more…

Should Men and Women Train Differently?

should men and women train differently

Looking for a new workout routine, you google “(your gender here) workout routines”, but should you train differently than the opposite sex?

How to Stay Fit During Pregnancy


Here is your comprehensive guide to eating well and exercising during your pregnancy so you can feel your best and provide your baby with optimum health.

How to Detox Your Body the Right Way

woman eating a salad

Looking for a cleanse or detox plan to reverse the damage of your recent overindulging? Read the truth about detoxing and how to detox the right way.