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50 Reasons Why Being Fit is Awesome

why being fit is awesome

  1. because it gives you back your childhood freedom of being able to run, jump, and PLAY
  2. because it gives you confidence
  3. because confidence is sexy
  4. because exercise gives you endorphins, and endorphins make you happy
  5. because being fit tells the world that you care about yourself
  6. because it feels awesome to know you look good in clothes
  7. because it feels even more awesome to know you look good naked
  8. because it feels damn good to put your mind to something and achieve it
  9. because knowing that your body can handle just about anything you throw at it is powerful
  10. because you will inspire others
  11. to do what others think you can’t
  12. to do what YOU think you can’t
  13. to feel comfortable in your own skin
  14. because exercise helps control stress
  15. because healthy is the new skinny
  16. because good nutrition will stack the odds in your favor
  17. because doing something for your health right now feels better than “someday I will”
  18. because you’re worth it just as much as anyone else is
  19. because putting the right foods into your body makes you feel amazing
  20. because you will have more energy than you ever thought you could
  21. to sleep soundly at night
  22. to wake up every day ready to face the world head on
  23. because becoming fit will give you what it takes to tackle any challenge
  24. because your children look up to you and will model what they see
  25. because fitness and good nutrition is the ultimate anti-aging treatment
  26. because you will be able to keep up with your kids and grandkids
  27. because it feels amazing to climb a flight of stairs and barely be out of breath
  28. because exercising teaches you to live in the moment
  29. because healthy food fights cancer cells from ever forming
  30. because your chances for diabetes, cardiovascular disease and cancer will plummet
  31. because it feels so good not to have “get in shape” on your New Year’s resolution list every. single. year.
  32. to feel proud at a doctor’s check-up instead of fearful
  33. because healthy food makes you feel energized and satisfied instead of run-down and stuffed
  34. because sex is more fun when you’re fit
  35. because busting through your own walls and limits feels so good
  36. because it makes you feel like a badass.
  37. to live a long and fulfilled life
  38. to open up a whole new world of experiences
  39. because it feels powerful to know that you are in control of your body
  40. because you are not sentenced to poor health just because of your genetics
  41. to know what the best version of you looks and feels like
  42. because having muscles makes you feel strong
  43. because you might find a physical activity that brings you great joy
  44. because it will teach you to make time for yourself
  45. because excuses are just fear
  46. because real courage is being afraid of something and doing it anyways
  47. to know what it feels like to set your mind to something and achieve it
  48. because good nutrition and exercise are natural anti-depressants
  49. because it makes you stronger on the inside, too
  50. because good health is FREEDOM
  • Wendy Bottrell

    Great LIst! #50 is my favorite. FREEDOM

  • Jody – Fit at 54

    At 55 – I LOVE BEING FIT! I help people carry things that are 20 years younger than me! :)

    • gok2010

      Couldnt agree more Jody..Im 54yrs and fit..brilliant

  • Suchismita Pai

    The challenge of doing what I could not before, works for me. I like being able to extend myself and push myself beyond what I thought I could, especially as i grow older.

  • James Maples

    Right on!! May I add a few?

    You seldom ever get sick. For example, my daughter and wife both had a bad cold recently, skipped right over me.

    Your significant other is proud of you and loves to show you off…but warning it may get expensive! My wife won’t let me wear any of my old “fat jim” clothes! So I’ve spent hundreds on new outfits!

    You will be the center of attention at any party you go to, everyone wants to know how you stay fit.

    OBTW….#32 made me laugh, boy can I relate. I had to go in to see my Doctor for a slight hamstring injury last week. He again (did the same thing 2 months ago) had some of the staff come in to check out the “new me”. I turn all shades of red from embarrassment. Then, only yesterday I gave blood and the nurses said…”Wow…beautiful arms!”. My wife just rolled her eyes and said, “pls don’t encourage him, he already has a big head!” ha

    Get going Gang…you will LOVE the new you!

  • Ferb Hinlor

    I don’t need no reason but just want to keep my body fit. But thanks for these great reasons and it’s great to keep the body fit.

  • Deanna Schober

    Ha ha, you’re welcome!

  • Amie Pejcic

    The feeling u get when u get a new dress and it fit right, is just unbelievable.

  • Gj Ubar

    These were great! My favorites, as I scanned them quickly, were #8, #25, #29, #30 and #39.

  • Karla K

    I’ve been walking with my dog, Mack, for 3 months or so. I know I’ve toned up and lost a few pounds. Today one of the parks workers (a much younger guy) smiled and waved at us. I know I’m not 21 any longer but I got that young man’s attention. For whatever reason, it felt really good! That’s what I call worth it!

  • Andreas Heller

    Very nice list!

  • gok2010

    I have never been sick since I started training 2 yrs ago….I have so much more energy…Its such a fantastic feeling to be fit and hopefully I inspire others..