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10 Best Fat-Burning Exercises You Can Do Almost Anywhere

fit femaleIntroducing…my own personal secret weapons for maximum fat burning! These high intensity moves are guaranteed to get your heart pumping and extra fat melting, and all without using expensive equipment or a gym. You can do each exercise on its own for an extended period, or combine all of these in intervals for a killer workout!

Stadium Sprints

Stadiums are awesome for this but if you don’t have access to a stadium, any set of stairs or even a steep hill will do. Start at the bottom, and sprint as hard as you possibly can to the top, then walk back down to recover. Do this for 20 minutes or so. To ramp up your workout, try skipping a step at a time or hopping up the stairs.

Broad Jumps

Head outside, squat with arms back, and then propel your body in a forward jump as far as you can go, landing back in your squat. Continue this for about 50 yards or about a minute, rest for 30 seconds to a minute, then repeat.

Track Sprints

Sprinting means running as fast as you possibly can. For track sprints, I usually sprint the straight part and walk the curved part. I do this until I’ve completed about 10 sprints, you will tire very quickly. Read here why we think sprinting is the best exercise for fat loss.

Box Jumps

Using a shoulder-width stance, start in a quarter-squat position and explosively jump up onto a steady, firm surface, engaging your core to lift your legs as high as you can. Land on the surface in your squat position, stand up straight, then step or jump back to your starting position.

You can use a box, a bench, stairs, or a sturdy chair, as long as it can support not only your weight but the force of your jump without toppling. Repeat these jumps quickly in one minute intervals with 30 seconds of rest in between, or any intervals you want.


Respected yet feared by many an athlete, the burpee is a total body exercise that will literally leave you breathless. Start in plank position, do a pushup, jump your feet in to your hands to a squat position, jump up with your arms in the air, land in squat and jump your feet back to plank. Repeat until you collapse :)

Scissor Jumps or Jump Lunges

Start in a lunge position (make sure your knee alignment never goes past your toe), then jump up, switch legs in the air, and land in lunge position with your other leg forward this time. Repeat without stopping for 1 minute (or whatever interval you can handle), rest between intervals.

The Tabata protocol will help you burn maximum fat in even less time, read here to find out how.

Bear Crawl

Pretty much exactly how it sounds, lean over and crawl, but with your knees up off the ground. Try to crawl 50 yards at a time before resting. This may sound silly, but it’s a killer workout.

Hurdle Jumps

You don’t have to be a limber track star to jump hurdles, just set some objects on the ground, like a water bottle or a bag of dog food (we use these inexpensive hurdles), and jump over them.

You can pick one object and jump back and forth over it, alternating between front to back and side to side, or put several objects in a row and jump over each of them without stopping to rest. Repeat in intervals with rest in between.


Start in plank position, then jump your feet in, landing to the outside of your hands, like a frog. Jump back to plank, repeat continuously for intervals with rest in between.


The Heisman exercise has many variations, but basically you’re shuffling with high knees side to side and then stopping yourself suddenly with a high knee, like the Heisman trophy statue. It’s great for agility as well as fat-burning. Make sure you pump your arms as you move side to side.

Have you ever tried these fat-blasting exercises? What do you think of them?

  • Tuff It Out Canada

    These are staples in my bootcamp and small group training classes. :)

    • Deanna Schober

      Sounds like a tough class!! :)

  • agnesriola

    Waooo! Im gonna try these, ive bn wanting to loose my heavy weight of 97kg since. I hope and pray these are gonna help me

    • Deanna Schober

      They will definitely help! And they’re fun! Enjoy.

  • Erica De La Rosa

    How mAny times a week do you do these workouts and when you do, do you do all of them?

  • Deanna Schober

    Hi Erica, I usually do these types of exercises 3-4 days a week in combo with strength training and endurance training 2 more days. I have done both: entire workouts with just one of the exercises, and workouts where I’ve used a combination of several. Those combo workouts are the most fun!

  • Chanel

    Would this be considered HIIT?

    • Deanna Schober

      Depends on how you do them. If you do these exercises at high intensity, and perform them in intervals with small periods of rest, then yes. Most of these will be high intensity by nature and are perfect for HIIT routines.

  • Morganmce

    Most of these are done in every single Insanity workout, hence the reason that programs popular. If I skip an insanity workout, I try to make sure to do these workouts, because I know these will work every time

  • Lady Shahrizai

    So, if you had a torn ACL for the past 10+ years as I do, just how might your alter this workout to make it one without impact, lateral movement or pivoting?

    • Deanna Schober

      That would be a great question for your doctor, unfortunately I’m not qualified to answer that.

  • GoldenGirl

    I’m really interested in some fat burning exercises. However, I’m 63, one hip, one shoulder, and two knee replacements, and trying really hard to get back into some shape. All of these exercises do not appear to be appropriate. Anything “modified”? I do some of these in the pool, can bike, do nu-step

    • Deanna Schober

      You would have to lower the intensity. Check with your doctor or rehab specialist how.

  • Robin

    Amazing – too bad my knees are so bad – most of these would hurt too much!!