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Healthy Recipe Roundup | 3rd Edition

healthy recipe roundupOne of the hardest things about eating healthy is finding delicious tasting food to keep your taste buds stimulated. I got tired of finding so-called “healthy recipes” that were actually loaded with sugar, flour, or other unhealthy alternatives. I’ve done the hard work for you and and have scoured the internet to find you the best healthy recipes to fit into your lifestyle. Welcome to the 3rd Edition of the Healthy Recipe Roundup.

All of these healthy recipes and more can be found on my Pinterest page. If you haven’t done so already, follow me on Pinterest.

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(click the images to get the healthy recipe)

Garlic Lover’s Roast Beef

Garlic Lovers Roast Beef recipe

Smoked Salmon Canapes

smoked salmon canapes

Roasted Salmon in a Strawberry-Balsamic Reduction

roasted salmon in a strawberry balsamic reduction recipe

Grilled Chipotle Orange Chicken

grilled chipotle orange chicken recipe

Sweet Potato Hummus

sweet potato hummus recipe

Spaghetti Squash with Meat Sauce

spaghetti squash with meat sauce

Lemon, Garlic, and Parsley Grilled Shrimp

lemon garlic and parsley grilled shrimp recipe

Ginger Beef with Mango Salsa

ginger beef with mango salsa recipe

Balsamic Mustard Chicken

balsamic mustard chicken recipe

Spiced Almonds

spiced almonds recipe

I hope you liked these recipes and can use them as part of your healthy lifestyle. Stay tuned for future editions of the Healthy Recipe Roundup, and be sure to check out the full collection of healthy recipes on Pinterest.

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  • Matt Ritchie

    The sweet potato hummus looks great…It’s a common misconception that healthy food has to be bland. Tonight’s meal for me was extra lean ground beef burgers made with lemon juice, egg whites, oatmeal and spiced with cayenne pepper and chilli….fantastic…and very healthy. And best of all-no guilt attached! All of these recipes look fantastic.

  • giza

    Any ideas for breakfast?

  • Dave Watson

    Hey coach! You have some really creative recipes here that just look delicious! Im going to try using the spiced almonds recipe out for sure, would be useful as a healthy snack compared to just regular peanuts. Almonds are loaded with nutrition too. Hope when me and some friends get together we can try the balsamic mustard chicken recipe out, that definately looks yummy. Cheers coach.