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11 Incredibly Easy Ways to Get More Fiber in Your Diet

orange with a nutrition facts label printed on itAre you eating the American Heart Association’s recommended 30 grams of fiber a day? Increased fiber intake is associated with a reduction in hunger, a reduction in body weight, increased insulin sensitivity, and a lowered risk of developing diseases [1] [2] [3]. Here are 11 ways you can adjust your nutrition to get more fiber in your diet.

Use Ground Flax Seed

I’ve started putting this stuff in everything. Ground flax seed has 4 grams of fiber in a 2 tablespoon serving. In addition to fiber, it’s packed with essential omega 3 fatty acids. Try sprinkling the flax on top of your salads, or you could add it to your smoothies and shakes.

Sneak in the Spinach

Spinach is my go-to veggie of choice for getting more diet. It’s just too easy to add it to everything. I use it as the base to my salads, but you can also sneak it into your food.

I add it to all of my protein smoothies. I just grab a handful and blend it up. The great thing is that you can’t taste the spinach. Other than the slight green color change to the liquid, you wouldn’t even know the spinach is in there. I also like to add it to my omelets.

Veggies are Your Friend

Most people associate veggies with bad-tasting, flavorless food. That’s too bad, because you can practically eat them to your heart’s (stomach’s) content without worrying about weight gain. They’re just too calorie sparse and bulky to overeat.

Get creative. Try making some baked cauliflower poppers, garlic cauliflower mashed potatoes, or even some zucchini spaghetti and meatballs.

Choose Whole Grain

Most people already know to choose whole grain foods over their more processed white alternatives. Whole grains are made up of the bran, germ, and endosperm.

The more refined grain like white bread and white rice remove the bran and the germ. In doing so, it strips the food of fiber and nutrition. Keeping all 3 parts of the grain intact helps keep blood sugar levels under control, and provides your body with more fiber and nutrition.

Eat Your Beans

Beans are a vegetarian favorite, and a very easy way to get more fiber in your diet. As a food group, legumes have more fiber per serving than any other food.

In addition, they are very low-glycemic, which keeps insulin levels lower for more efficient fat burning. If that wasn’t enough, they are also packed with protein – the highest plant-based protein source available. No need to eat beans plain either. You can make some hummus or an edamame dip.

Pick a Better Flour

Not all flour is created equal. While white flour was once (still?) the most popular flour used, you now have several better options to choose from – all of which have more fiber. Whole wheat flour, oat flour, almond meal, and flax meal can all be used to get more fiber in your diet.

Include Some Nuts and Seeds

Nuts and seeds are low-carb favorites, and they have a good amount of fiber in them. They also have protein and a high amount of essential omega 3 fatty acids if you pick the right ones.

Walnuts, flax seed, chia seeds, butternuts, beechnuts, pecans, and pine nuts all have a good amount of essential fatty acids (EFAs). Add them to your salads, your protein shakes, or make your own nut butters.

Make Homemade Protein Bars

Sometimes combining several high fiber foods together can make a convenient, high protein, on-the-go snack. Mixing together banana, oatmeal, flax seed, peanut butter, and cacao with some other ingredients can net you a great tasting, high-fiber, homemade protein bar.

Enjoy Some Cocoa Powder

Many people don’t realize this, but cocoa powder is almost all fiber. Besides the many benefits of cacao, it also gives everything a nice chocolate flavor.

Don’t go adding a bunch of sugar to it though. You can still get that sweet chocolate taste by sweetening it naturally with fruit. Add a scoop to your protein smoothies, or even makes some healthy ice cream with nothing other than whipped bananas and cocoa powder (you can add some all natural peanut butter too).

Don’t Remove the Skin

Are you peeling your fruit and potatoes? Drinking fruit juice instead of eating fruit? Don’t. The skin has all the fiber, and it’s also loaded with all those healthy antioxidants.

Keep the skin on your apples and dip them in some peanut butter. Leave the skin on when you cut up your potatoes to make some baked chipotle sweet potato fries. Use whole fruit to make your smoothies.

Spice Up Your Food

Did you know that your favorite spices have fiber in them? While not packed with the same amount of fiber as veggies or other foods, spices still add fiber to your food without the addition of very many extra calories.

Spices like cinnamon, oregano, basil, garlic, and onion all have fiber. Always get the whole food variety over the powder when possible.

  • Tom Parker

    Some great tips here Tony. I never even thought about spices containing fiber and I never realised cocoa powder had so much fiber either. I usually just get my fibre from fruits and veggies. I always forget to fill up on nuts and seeds, so that’s an area I need to improve.

  • netta plescia

    tks for some great ideas

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  • Jody – Fit at 54

    I tweeted this a couple days ago & it is getting RTs! I do most of it! :-) My bod has “issues” with beans. ;-)

  • Vix- Miss Fitness Life

    Hey Coach Calorie- great article. In coaching my clients in their eating you woud be amazed at how many people struggled to reach 30grams of fiber each day. Some would only eat 10g per day. More veges in every meal is a great tip.

    Another cool tip for a quick fibre boost is a pear and passionfruit.

  • Teri

    Do most of your wonderful recipes have the break down of macros?

    • Coach Calorie

      As the recipes are a curated list from around the web, it’s up to the creator of them if they break it down for you. However, it wouldn’t take much work to do it yourself, and it’s always great practice!

  • pmdhardy

    spinach is smoothies is wonderful.. even my son who wont eat veggies.. will drink a smoothies with spinach and cant believe he loves it.

    • Coach Calorie

      That’s what I like about it. It thickens, adds fiber and nutrients, and you can’t taste it. Best of all worlds.

  • mrsbear

    well day one for me a really need this so i will let you no how i get on in one mounths time gonna try all the tips

    • Coach Calorie

      Sounds good. Let us know how it goes.

  • Carly

    Just wondering what your thoughts are on coconut flour? Is it a healthy alternative to normal flour for baking or will it cause a spike in blood sugar like normal flours? Thanks!

  • Coach Calorie

    I think it’s a healthier alternative, but it’s higher in calories, so take that into account.