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How to Lose 10 Pounds in a Month

yoga girlDo you want to know how to lose 10 pounds in a month? Follow this simple how-to guide, and the fat will be gone in 30 days.

First of all, if you’re trying to lose this weight in a month, you’re already on the right track. Most people are looking for the quick fix – wanting to lose 10 pounds in a week or even days. While 10 pounds in a week is certainly attainable, the chances of that weight loss being all fat are slim to none.

Lose 10 Pounds in a Month – The Diet

Your nutrition is going to have the biggest impact on reaching your goals. Here are your dietary guidelines:

  • Drink at least 1 gallon of water a day (drink a full glass of water upon waking)
  • 10% of your calories can be “free” calories to prevent over-restriction
  • 1-1.25 grams of protein per pound of lean body mass divided evenly into each meal
  • 5 meals per day spaced evenly every 3 hours (ie 9am, noon, 3pm, 6pm, 9pm)
  • 1 tbsp of Carlson’s Omega 3 Oil per day (essential fatty acids)
  • .5-.75 grams per pound of lean body weight in carbohydrates in your post strength training meal
  • 1 piece of fruit in your first meal of the day on cardio days
  • 10-12 times your body weight in calories (if you have a higher body fat, use the lower number), or for a more accurate calorie intake, I’d suggest you take a look at the BodyMedia FIT Calorie Tracking Armband
  • Eat green veggies or other low carb, high fiber veggies at every meal (see below for examples)
  • Fill the rest of your calories with healthy fats spaced evenly in all meals except meals with carbohydrates (see below)

Veggie List:

  • Broccoli
  • Cauliflower
  • Asparagus
  • Green Beans
  • Spinach
  • Arugula
  • Mixed Greens
  • Brussels Sprouts
  • Kale
  • Cabbage
  • Lettuce

There are also many more veggies to choose from on this list of 100 healthy foods to eat.

Meal Outline:


  • Meal 1 – Protein/Carb/Veggie (This is your post workout meal. If you work out later in the day, have your carb meal then.)
  • Meal 2 – Protein/Fat/Veggie
  • Meal 3 – Protein/Fat/Veggie
  • Meal 4 – Protein/Fat/Veggie
  • Meal 5 – Protein/Fat/Veggie


  • Meal 1 – Protein/Fat/Veggie
  • Meal 2 – Protein/Fat/Veggie
  • Meal 3 – Protein/Fat/Veggie
  • Meal 4 – Protein/Fat/Veggie
  • Meal 5 – Protein/Fat/Veggie

Now you just need to find meals to fit into these guidelines. I’ve collected hundreds of healthy recipes from around the web for you to try. You can see all of these healthy recipes here.

The Workout

Exercise is going to make it much easier for you to drop those 10 pounds of fat. Here are your workout guidelines:

  • Monday, Wednesday, Friday – Strength training
  • Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday – Either 45 minutes of steady state cardio or 20 minutes of high-intensity interval training
  • Sunday – Rest

There is a lot of room to play here with workout variations. Your weight training needs to be anaerobic in nature. You should be using a good amount of resistance, whether it’s with weights or bodyweight exercises. A very basic strength training week using weights might look like this:

  • Monday – 3 sets of 10 repetitions on each of the following exercises: Bench Press, Barbell Rows, Squats
  • Wednesday – 3 sets of 10 repetitions on each of the following exercises: Incline Press, 1 Arm Dumbbell Rows, Deadlifts
  • Friday – 3 sets of 10 repetitions of each of the following exercises: Overhead Press, Pullups, Good Mornings

***Repeat each week, but continually increase the weight each time, or at least add some reps to each set.

An effective bodyweight strength training month might look like this:

  • Monday – 1 minute pushups, 1 minute pullups, 1 minute squat jumps, rest 1 minute (repeat 5 times)
  • Wednesday – 1 minute burpees, 1 minute box jumps, 1 minute bear crawls, rest 1 minute (repeat 5 times)
  • Friday – 1 minute bodyweight rows, 1 minute dips, 1 minute jumping lunges, rest 1 minute (repeat 5 times)

***Repeat each week, but try to break your previous week’s numbers by getting in more reps each minute.

Your Results

I will tell you that if you follow this plan to a “T”, 10 pounds is a conservative estimate. If you are not already on a diet, or if you have not been exercising lately, you are going to drop quite a bit of water weight. I make this challenge to you – if you make it 30 days following this plan, the hard part is over. Do this for 12-16 weeks, and you will totally transform your body. That’s only 3 months. Think back to what you were doing 3 months ago. Doesn’t seem like that long ago does it? Just think, if you were to have started this plan then, you would be reading this having the body you’ve always wanted.

On a side note, do yourself a favor and pick up a cheap $5 pair of body fat calipers so that you can measure your body fat progress along the way. The scale can play tricks on your mind, but changes in body fat are more linear and consistent, and that’s where real progress is made.

  • dena kennedy


    • Coach Calorie

      What do you need help with Dena?

      • http://Facebook Amie

        I need to know how to get my tummy flatter please. im a mum of four; and before that i had a really nice flat tummy; but after my kids ( twins and two more) under 8, my stomach just sticks out. Im so sick of people asking me if im pregnant. Im loosing the weigh(thru exercise) from my hips n legs n arms but its refusing to budge around my tummy. Please help.

        • Coach Calorie

          It’s going to take patience and consistency to get ride of the fat in those trouble areas. What is your diet and exercise routine like?

  • Jonathan | World Of Diets

    This is a good plan. It should be noted that your initial rate of weight loss depends on your current weight, in part. A person who has 50 lbs to lose will experience a faster weight loss than someone with just 10.

    I recommend not weighing yourself until the end of the month. Just focus on the routine and you should see results.

    • Coach Calorie

      Good points Jonathan. The more body fat you carry, the faster your initial weight loss will be. And yes, stay off the scale. Use some body fat calipers, a tape measure, or take some pictures if you want to track progress.

      • Andrea

        ……..I am just sitting down to work out some meal plans, I start this tommorrow with masive fingers crossed it does what it says, I am going to follow it to the letter and I am really hoping that by the 30 days I am in such a mind set that it carries on and on.
        Arthritis in my spine, 20lb of extra weight is killing my back!

  • Brenda-lee

    Hi there I would just like to have a list of good fats…………….


    • Coach Calorie

      fish oil
      any nuts
      olive oil
      coconut oil
      peanut butter
      flax oil

      Also, the fats from whole foods are good.

      • rebecca

        what about grapeseed oil? I found that at the store and have been using it some it has a lighter taste than olive oil and doesn’t ‘smoke’ as fast.

      • Libra

        Aren’t avocados good fats as well?

  • Alisha

    I like the article but you might want to list a good example of protein/fat and you have the veggies, alot people wont be sure what to eat to get that:) Great idea thou love it!!

    • Coach Calorie

      Hey Alisha, this is copy and pasted from the Coach Calorie Facebook page discussion at Coach Calorie on Facebook:

      For protein/carb you could do:


      For protein/fat you could do:

      fish oil/chicken/broccoli
      peanut butter/protein powder
      olive oil vinaigrette/chicken/spinach

  • Janet

    so I broke my leg 2 weeks ago, and looks like another six weeks in a cast. Non weight bearing. I’m trying so hard to not get frustrated but i really don’t want to gain any weight, and dare to dream maybe lose some. I am at home during the day all alone until my husband and kids get back at the end of the day. I am an emotional eater, however I have not allowed myself to binge while home. Do you have any tips or suggestions for while I am recuperating. right now I am doing arm weights from my chair every other day and crunches on opposite days. What else could I do. I am looking at eventually losing 40 lbs.

    • Coach Calorie

      It’s hard to give recommendations without knowing how mobile you are. The most important thing is that you keep your diet on track. Doing so will limit muscle loss and maybe even help you lose some weight. While your lower body is out of commission, you can still work your upper body the same. If you can load a bar with weight, you potentially have a very effective upper body workout.

      There was a time where I hurt my shoulder and I couldn’t do upper body exercises. I got by for weeks just doing variations of squats and keeping a good diet. I did lose some size in my upper body, but I actually got much leaner.

  • Cherie

    I am a female of 47 years old. I need help trying to lose weight. I haven’t exercise in a long time but I have noticed most of your exercises are for the younger crowd. Can you please give me a workout plan that is suitable for my age group, so I don’t have a heart attack?

    • Coach Calorie

      Hi Cherie, exercise knows no age. As long as you are cleared to be in good health, you should have no problem doing these exercises. Do a weight you can complete with proper form. Squats, rows, press, and many other compound movements are great for building muscle and strengthening bones and joints. You might not be able to go out and sprint right off the bat, but it’s something to work towards. 47 years old is young!

  • hedei

    How could I incorporate this to my existing routine? I do 2 hrs of cardio mon, wed, and friday. One hour in the morning and the other in the afternoon because I teach zumba classes…I really just want to drop my body fat percent down but its taking me forever to do so. Thanks :)

    • Coach Calorie

      You could just add an extra protein/carb meal in place of a protein/fat meal after each of your workouts.

    • tanya

      And do weight training.. you will notice your body composition change more than just doing cardio.. Tues and Thurs would be a good start :)

  • khalilah

    Hello every1.. my questions are how long do u workout for? Normally I do it for a hr & a half adding strength training, abs and cardio. With this program it seems like I’m just doin strength training & that’s it? Also, it states every meal I’m suppose to have a protein, fat & veggie. Can u give me an example for breakfast other then an omelettes plz. Lastly, I’m doin a walking challenge on April 1st where I have to walk at least 5 days a week for a half hr. Will it intefere with this workout regimen?

    • Coach Calorie

      Try your best to keep it under an hour. There’s really no reason for it to go longer. You’re doing strength training on M/W/F and cardio on T/T/S.

      Not every meal is protein/fat. Your post workout meals are protein/carb. As to breakfast meals, you will make your life much easier if you can get over what foods are eaten when. Try eating any foods at any time of the day. If you just can’t stomach it, you might be better suited to have a shake. Some examples:

      protein/oatmeal/frozen banana
      protein/frozen banana and berries/spinach
      meat and potatoes are eaten for breakfast by many too

      • makaila

        hi im makaila and im fourteen i have a big stomach and im trying to loose it before high school cause ive been bullyed about my stomach before HELP PLEASE

  • Amber

    Hi! I really like this article, very helpful thank you! I have a question about my calorie intake. I am female 27 yrs I had gained about 80 lbs onto my athletic 5’6″ frame and at my heaviest I weighted 214lbs. Over the course of about a year I have lost 44lbs. I currently weigh 170lbs and my bmi is 27.5. Right now I am working out 3-4x a week alternating strength and cardio my calorie intake is at 1203 I used a calorie counter program to determine this intake would make me able to lose 2 lbs per week. According to your formula, I should be eating closer to 1700 calories a day. Although on days I work out I probably get closer to that intake to make up for Calories burned. Is the lower intake helpful or detrimental to my weight lose?! I’m in the home stretch I’d like to loose 20-30 more and I know this is the hardest leg of it! Thanks for the help!! Also I’m a fan of fit not skinny, especially kit skinny fat! I just lost my mind while I gained all that weight

    • Coach Calorie

      Congrats on the weight loss so far Amber. Are you still making progress eating 1200 calories a day? Do you know your body fat percentage? I don’t like BMI. It calculated body fat based on height and weight. This is a very flawed method for people who are in good shape. Two people could be the same height and weight but have very different body fat levels.

      I would recommend eating more food if you can. It’s much easier to lower calories than it is to add them in. If after eating 1700 calories for a couple weeks your weight isn’t budging, then I would drop it down some. Always eat as many calories as you possibly can to lose weight.

      • Rozy

        Hi! I could really use some advice too please! I’ve lost 12lbs since Jan this year and am 11lbs away from my goal weight but I’ve hit a plateau! :( I was on 1200 cals a day as calculated by ‘My fitness pal’ and was losing 3-4lbs a week then after about 2 months the weight loss just stopped! So I increased my calories to 1435 (again calculated by ‘my fitness pal’) but still no loss so I’ve gone down again to 1300. I work out everyday (circuit training – 2 mins strength, 2 mins cardio, 1 min abs and repeat 3 times) plus yoga twice most days. What else can I do?! Its driving me crazy! I have had 2 children so my tummy is pretty ‘flabby’ I REALLY want to tighten it up but I just don;t know what more to do! Please help! xxx

  • Katti

    What about dairy? Can Greek yogurt count as a protein?

    • Coach Calorie

      Dairy is fine as long as you aren’t lactose intolerant or don’t have any food allergies. I tend to avoid dairy myself. It always seems to make things harder for me. Some people have no problem with it though. Any dairy will count as a protein (besides butter). Just make sure you are eating the foods that have carbs post workout only.

      • Robin

        I drink unsweetened almond milk. It only has 1 gr of protein, 1 carb, 2.5 gr fat. Would it count as anything? Or is it just added food. When you say protein/carbs, that is all you’re suppose to have for that meal?

        • Coach Calorie

          It would be nice to add to coffee or something, but there’s not much too it. Protein/carbs means that’s it for that meal. There might be some trace fat grams from your lean meat and carb source, but there shouldn’t be much more than 5 grams or so.

  • Parvathi

    This is the best of what I’ve seen. Very clear and detailed. I see a lot of vegetables in the list, that helps but can you point me to veggie options for the meal outlines you’ve suggested ? I don’t eat any meat, dairy, eggs fine. Also, is tofu good ? I am confused after reading several articles that throw bad light on it.

    • Coach Calorie

      Tofu is a tricky one. The problem I have with it is that it’s processed. It’s a food product similar to sliced deli meat. If you’re a vegetarian looking for additional protein sources, I’d hesitantly say it’s OK, but there are much better choices out there.

  • Amber

    You’re so right! Bmi is not accurate for athletes! Before gaining weight At 130 lbs and 14% percent fat, I was considered overweight by bmi standards. Unfortunatly I’m not sure of my body fat percentage before loosing weight it was 33%! :/ any online tools to measure?!

    • Coach Calorie

      You’re going to have to do it the old fashion way – directly measuring it. The cheapest way is going to be to use body fat calipers. You could also do the dunk talk or get a certain type of body scan.

  • Chris

    I’ve been told I need protein and carbs within an hour before doing strength training. Is that not true? Also, how do post-workout shakes and evening casein shakes fit into this? What is your take on them? I currently do strength training 3 times a week and for about a month now have been doing interval cardio 3 times a week. I am really trying to get rid of my top layer so the muscle I’ve worked so hard for will actually show and I’ll be in better shape overall. I’m a 33 yr old male, 197lbs, 6’3″. Thank you for your help!

    • Coach Calorie

      You definitely don’t “need” it, but it could help you if you’re having energy problems in the gym. I don’t eat before my morning workouts, and I do just fine lifting heavy weights. Post-workout shakes are fine. Just make sure they are protein/carb. I’m assuming you’re having the casein protein for its slow digestion properties before bed. That is fine too. I always give a preference to solid food though.

      • Chris

        OK, thank you! I am wondering about your metrics in regards to protein as well. I’ve seen similar ratios, but that means I need to take in about 50 grams of protein for every meal, 5 x a day. Yet, I’ve read that bodies can’t process that much protein at a time. Also, that’s a ton of protein to be trying to get in every few hours. Any thoughts or suggestions on that? It’s possible I’ve been eating too little protein or not eating enough in general for my height and weight (6’3″/197), but it’s hard to know what to trust when there are so many conflicting things out there.

        • Coach Calorie

          Chris, scientific research is seriously lacking when it comes to protein absorption rates. The fact of the matter is that because this diet is somewhat low-carb, any protein that can’t be digested (if there is any) will be converted to glucose through a process called gluconeogenesis. This source of glucose from protein is attained through keeping insulin levels low – enabling fat burning to continue.

          You will be exercising quite intensely during this period, and your protein demands are going to be high. It’s better to be too high than too low.

          • Chris

            OK, thank you for your help!

  • Suyash

    Hey Coach,

    I am a vegetarian. i cannot have Fish oil. Can you recommend some alternate?


    • Coach Calorie

      Try flax oil. They contain EFA’s too from flaxseed. They just aren’t as efficient at converting the omega 3s into DHA and EPA. Fish oil skips that conversion step and gives you the DHA and EPA right away.

      • Suyash

        Thanks Coach. will try that out for sure.

  • Tom Parker

    Great post Tony. No cheat meals for a whole month though? Man, that’s tough.


    • Coach Calorie

      None for a month. Too many people throw off their diets with a cheat meal, and end up never getting back on them. It’s better to just do away with it for 30 days. It’s not that long in the big scheme of things. Your body does not need them at the beginning of a diet. Once your body fat starts getting lower, then you can look into possibly adding them in.

  • Tracy

    I am a bit confused. You say have .5 grams per pound of body weight in carbohydrates in your post strength training meal. For me that would be around 1.5 cups (uncooked!) of oatmeal, around 450 cals. Or 1.75 cups of cooked rice (379 cals). Does that sound about right?

    • Coach Calorie

      That’s right Tracy, half your body weight in carbohydrate grams in your post workout meal. It may seem like a lot, but you will not be eating them at any other time of the day. You will be taking advantage of your improved insulin sensitivity post workout, and your ability to super-compensate your muscle glycogen stores.

  • Victoria

    I was wondering why carbs are so important to eat after a workout?

    • Coach Calorie

      Carbohydrates replenish the the glycogen you used during your workout. That glycogen is your fuel source for high intensity exercise. Post-workout is the best time to eat them because you have high insulin sensitivity. What this means in the end is that you have the least chance of storing them as fat.

  • Michelle

    My problem with eating my carbs post workout is that I typically don’t get out to exercise till the evening. Is it the same benefit to have my carbs 1-2 hours before my workout? What do you recommend in this situation.

    • Coach Calorie

      Michelle, you should have no problem eating your protein/carb meal after your workout, even if it’s in the evening. If you prefer, you could have your protein/carb meal pre-workout, and then have a final protein/fat meal post-workout. Either way you should get similar results.

      • rebecca

        I am the same as Michelle by the time we go for our walk and I tend the garden it’s nearly 9pm..most of the time I’m either starving — which works great for eating as you say — or just thirsty and not really hungry at all. Would it be reasonable to just have water and a smoothie (made with no dairy just a bit of soy milk or fruit juice to help liquify everything)?

  • http://facebook Sherri Osmond

    Will give it a try!! Thanks!!!!

  • LaLa Johnson

    I love this plan and would like to start it tomorrow, April 2. I would like a list Of carbohydrate foods you feel a person should eat during the first meal. Having a list to chose from makes things simpler & easier to stay on track, especially when it comes to carbs.

    • Coach Calorie

      There is a vary big variety of foods you could eat. Stick to fruit on your post-cardio days. On your post-strength training days, carbohydrates sources could include:

      potatoes – sweet potatoes, yams, russet potatoes, etc
      beans – black beans, pinto beans, garbanzo beans, etc
      rice – brown rice, wild rice, etc
      oats – steel cut oats, old fashioned oats, instant oats (if you must)
      fruit – banana, orange, apple, grapes, etc

      Or a combination of any of them

      • LaLa Johnson

        Thanks so much!!

  • Nicola

    Hey, I need help… I eat healthy and do exercise a fair bit in a week and never lose weight… The nutritionist i spoke to said that I am not eating enough calories to lose weight and that my body is in starvation mode?? I am finding it really difficult to lose anything,, :-(

    Please help.. D

    In a day I eat …

    Breakfast … crunchy nut cornflakes 30g and banana

    mid morning … special k bar or fruit

    lunch, scrambled egg brown bap or salad bap.. muller light yoghurt and apple

    mid afternoon… apple or pear

    dinner… plain chicken breast and rice…

    evening snack… usually snack a jacks or a couple of plain biscuits..

    To me it doesnt seem a lot but I am not losing anything… and I am worried this will be a downwards spiral.. cause my brain already telling me not to eat certain things and that if i miss out the snack i will lose more….

    I dont want to end up with an eating disorder,,,

    Thank You

    • Coach Calorie

      Nicola, is that the diet your nutritionist laid out for you? I see so many problems with your diet that it’s no wonder you are frustrated.

      You have too much processed food in there. It’s possible you are eating enough calories, but it’s hard to tell without knowing your portion sizes.

      The cornflakes need to be gone. The special K bar needs to go to. Add the bap, snack a jacks, biscuits, and possibly the yogurt (if there’s added sugar) to that list.

      These foods are processed. They are going to send your blood sugar through the roof – releasing insulin, which will stop any fat loss. You are eating these foods throughout the whole day, so you’re not really getting any time in there to mobilize fatty acids.

      I would highly recommend that you stay away from gains from now. They are a tricky food group. People assume that whole wheat bread is healthy, but it’s made with flour and is processed.

      Try sticking to fruits, vegetables, potatoes, beans, eggs, meat, fish, nuts, seeds, and possibly some dairy if you can handle it. I think you’ll see an immediate improvement.

      • Nicola

        Hey coach,

        Yeah we agreed on that, but unfortunately I am still hungry most of the time and still feel lethargic too.

        I do eat steamed veg with my dinner each evening. What would be the ideal thing to eat for lunch then? I work in a bakers shop and only usually get five minutes to eat it.. No actual lunch break!! I do not eat any of the cakes I sell I do have very good will power LOL…



        • Coach Calorie

          With such a short time to eat, you’re going to have to have your meal prepared already. Something like a peanut butter and whey protein shake might do you some good until you can get a solid meal. If you have time, you could always mix up a chicken salad with spinach and olive oil/red wine vinaigrette.

  • Hilary

    I’ve been working out for 3 weeks going on my 4th week now and have not lost any weight. I just realized my diet is completely off (i was eating anything i wanted–just using portion control). I am petite- 5’1 and now 122 lbs… I would like to lose around 15 lbs by this summer. I do see changes in my body but no weight has come off :-(

    I also am going to the gym 4 times a week for an hour each time. I start with 20 mins high intensity cardio and then strength training for 45 mins. Is this not good to do? Should I split up cardio and strength training into different days?

    And as far as chicken and meat…do you season the meat/vegatables with anything? Is salt a no? For example I like my asparagus with balsamic in the oven…Should I just steam it. I love food and to cook with lots of flavor…so it’s going to be a big change to cook and eat such plain food.

    • Coach Calorie

      I think you pinpointed your biggest problem – you were eating anything you want. Calorie intake is just one part of nutrition. You also need to make sure your diet is nutrient dense.

      It’s not necessary for you to split it up. I just like for people to get into the habit of making fitness part of their everyday lives. Splitting it up makes you able to work out with a higher intensity for whatever you’re doing that day. It also makes you find time in your daily routine for exercise.

      You can cook your food many different ways. Spices are a great way to do it. Healthy certainly doesn’t have to mean bland. Just make sure you aren’t overdoing the sauces.

  • http://caloriecount Danielle

    Do u know how many carbs are in 100g of oven baked sweet potato without the skin? All info I can find is different. Thanks

    • Coach Calorie

      Around 20 grams with 3 grams being fiber.

  • Donna

    Awesome thanks!!!!!!

    Is there an approximate macronutrient breakdown to follow? P/C/F?

    Would appreciate it,

    • Coach Calorie

      There is no macronutrient breakdown. Just follow the guidelines for carbohydrates and protein. Then fill the rest of your calories with healthy fats. The fat intake is what is going to be adjusted for your degree of fat loss.

      • Donna

        Thanks! Can you have too many fats if you are getting enough protein and keeping your calories in check? I find keeping my carbs lower works….


        • Coach Calorie

          I won’t say that you can never have too much fat, but when it comes to weight loss, as long as you watch your calories and have your other macros right, you won’t have any problems.

          • http://facebook soheir bakr

            Hi coach
            I have a question now I’m on diet with doctor I spent one and have month on protein and I lost only 5 pound I noticed resistance for my body my doctor said you lose water not fat , I didn’t eat anything just protein and jelly .I want your advice . I want lose but how i dont know

            • Coach Calorie

              Protein only diets are no good. You need fat – they are essential. Why not give the plan outlined in this article a try?

  • angie

    40yrs old 336lbs with pop locking knees….. I cycle when joints aren’t sore. Treadmill 3.0 30 mins no incline. I have spent the past six months doing this with only a 30lbs loss. Please suggest a routine for my 5’4 frame. A trainer had me on 1200 calories in the beginning, even I knew I could not survive 12 hour days in a factory. I was drained, cheated, and now I only workout 3days a week.

    • rebecca

      walk. your knees may not like any thought of a treadmill I am nearly 10 yrs younger than you and about 100 less and wouldn’t THINK of running until I drop at least 50 lbs and have reasonably good knees. look up the ‘tone it up’ videos on youtube and do what you can of those..same with yoga.. no wheat, no dairy, no processed foods, as much fresh as you can..pack you a huge salad with very little lean meat on it (how about hard boiled eggs and roastry chicken?) and only a tiny bit of dressing to go with it. make your snacks something like peanut butter and a banana (I often have peanut butter on a spoon straight from the jar and a banana …get the good of the peanut butter without bread and the banana or better yet apple can get you one of your fruits in and cure any desire for sweets). But go to I think is what is it is called..if not google it sorry I forget what it is…and map out a mile from your house (if it is a safe area) and walk that everyday. water water water. no sodas — or no more than say 3 a day until you can go off them completely…switch those out with cold brew UNSWEET tea (or the Lipton instant unsweet tea..that’s what I use).

  • firesoforion

    I am going to try this. I have been doing a lot of different things and haven’t lost any weight since mid January. This is a structured plan, though. Less thinking and researching (for me), more doing. Thanks!

  • Ashley

    I was just wondering if avocados are ok to eat for fats. Also, this seems very similar to the paleolithic diet. What are the main differences?

    • Coach Calorie

      Avocados are just fine. I am a fan of the Paleo diet, but not all diets that have protein/fat meals are Paleo. Most bodybuilders start to cut out their carb intake as they get leaner, and they start moving it to around their workouts. If you are a Paleo follower, this plan should work well for you.

      • http://facebook soheir bakr

        Hi Coach:
        I told you before about my diet . Now i want ask you about Flaxeed is good or not for burn fat
        and still i didnt lose more how is your advice for me

        • Coach Calorie

          Flaxseed and the essential fatty acids it contains are good for fat loss and your health in general.

  • Raman

    Hello there,

    i like to go for this diet my weight is 180 pounds . really wanna loose 30 ponds so pls tell me from Day 1

  • Desiree

    Wow… where do I start? I have been struggling with my weight for at least 7 years, but mainly the last 2 years after fracturing my back. (T8 compression fracture) To top it off my I had a thyroidectomy a year ago.

    I recently started walking from work to home (4.2km in 45 minutes, pretty brisk and usually with an eight-pount back pack on). I have started counting calories and hover between 1500 – 1900/day. Before my accident I was very active, although not through a gym, just hiking and walking mostly and have always had a very physical job. It seems lately, no matter what I do, my weight just keeps going up and up. I am so frustrated and as much as I would like to give up, turning 50 this year doesn’t allow me to quit. I want and need to get back down to a healthy weight (although I don’t feel I will see 135 ever again) from the 190 Ibs I am hovering around.

    I loved the article but I don’t think this is realistic for me right now… or is it?

    Thank you.

    • Coach Calorie

      Desiree, I’m not sure how far along you are with your rehab, so it’s hard to give an answer on exercise options. In general though, strength training will help strengthen the muscles of the back.

      I’m assuming you’re on thyroid medication. Hopefully your levels are good. Are you taking T4? What are your T3 levels?

      Whatever the case, take a close look at your diet. Are you eating processed foods? Are you being consistent with your diet, or binging on the weekends? If you can’t do the exercise outlined in the article, the diet is still doable.

  • Angela

    Hello and thank you for this detailed plan..looking forward to trying this! I have recently changed jobs and now sit at a desk all day which I know can not be good. I have been doing circuit training a few days a week at gym, walking, and abs and notice my upper and lower body gaining muscle, but still working on the tummy which usually shapes right up for me..until this desk job. I am 34 and definetely have to eat better with all this non movement, but what do you think, besides climbing stairs on breaks, I could do to help me?? Appreciate any advice.

    • Coach Calorie

      If you are strength training 3 times a week with a good intensity, your exercise portion should be covered. Make sure you diet is right. That is going to be what brings in your abs.

      • Evy


        Great advice btw!! How can I do strength training at home? I don’t have a gym membership.



  • http://none Ashley

    Two questions…
    First, are the veggies listed above the only veggies we can eat or can we add cucumber, zucchini or tomatoes to that list?
    Second how long should the strength training workouts be?

    • Coach Calorie

      Those foods are fine. Just make sure they are low to trace carbs. I would make your workouts no more than 1 hour. More important than time though is intensity. Keep it high and your workouts will end up shorter.

  • Amy

    I need some help, here. I’m 43, female, 5’7″, 245lbs… according to this, I should eat 2,450cal/day and 306g protein (divided into 5 meals, that’s more than 50g/meal)… eek! I am STRUGGLING to get in 1,300cal/day and hovering around 90-120g protein a day. I’ve been successful losing weight at this level (32lbs since Feb 13), but I’m concerned I’m not doing it the healthiest way possible.

    Can you tell me how I can add (almost DOUBLE) my calories and protein and not eat constantly??? I eat 5x day and make sure I get some protein w/ every meal, but I’m thinking I need some guidance.

    Oh – and I’ve only been walking on a treadmill so far, but starting Rip60 next week (it’s being installed this weekend).

    Help me, Coach!

    • Coach Calorie

      If you have a high body fat percentage, you might be better off basing your numbers on your lean body weight. Try starting your numbers off based on a weight of 200 pounds. Healthy fats are easy to get in and will help you get your calories up. No need to eat more than 5 times a day.

  • Juanita

    Coach how much fat per meal?

    • Coach Calorie

      After determining protein and carbohydrate intake, take the rest of your allotted calories and eat them from fat. Divide them up evenly between all your protein/fat meals.

  • RR


    I am struggling to lose weight for some time now. My biggest problem is, making sure how many calories I am supposed to eat daily. Also based on the calculations, if someone is 150 pounds, they will need a total of 187.5 grams of proteins daily. Well according to one website, 150 lb person needs 45 grams of protein to lose 2 lbs weekly. Also I am vegetarian, do not eat even sea food, so what are some good carb, protein and fat foods?

    Thanks a lot for the post.

    • Coach Calorie

      RR, weight loss and fat loss is not the same thing. With a protein intake of 45 grams, you will be hard pressed to hold onto your muscle.

      I’m not going to lie to you, it is difficult to eat this way as a vegetarian. There are not any good sources of protein for your protein/fat meals unless you are eating eggs or dairy too. If you’re not, you might want to consider a different eating plan. This method is not the only way to do things. It’s one of 1000 different ways to lose weight.

  • Donna

    I love this plan, thank you!

    Two questions:

    1. Based on your Meal 1 – Protein/Carb/Veggie (This is your post workout meal) . What do you recommend for the pre-workout meal, if this is actually Meal 1?

    2. After intense cardio what do you recommend for pre and post nutrition? For example after HIIT or a 10k at a good hard rate?

    Thanks in advance

    • Coach Calorie

      1 – I don’t have a pre-workout meal personally. If you feel you need one, you can have a carb/protein meal before too. So carb/protein pre and post-workout and then protein/fat the rest of the day.

      2 – Since HIIT is high intensity, and your 10K surely burns quite a bit of glycogen, I would have a carb/protein meal post workout. I’m not sure how easy it will be for you to run a 10k with this diet. You might need to add an extra carb/protein meal for meal 2.

  • MJ Sanders

    Tony – have just discovered Coach Calorie – LOVE IT! Very useful information! Question for you: my workouts are @5:00AM M-Sat…I am starved when I get up, but do not know exactly what to eat @4:30AM so I have fuel to get through my workouts. My workouts are intense – M/W/F Tabatas Boot Camp w/1-2 mile run, T/Th/Sat high intensity Spin Class and stretching after. My post workout meal consists of 3 eggs whites w/turkey breast or chicken breast, 1 Tbl reduced-fat Feta and chopped red peppers + 2 8oz glasses cold water.

    Thanks for the help and thanks for the site!

    • Coach Calorie

      Try having a piece of fruit pre-workout. As long as your glycogen levels aren’t low, a piece of fruit should be all you need to bring up your blood glucose levels to give you some energy. You might want to consider adding in some carbs post-workout to ensure optimal muscle glycogen levels.

  • Denise

    I coincidentally have just gone through a month long program very similar to this, and I DID lose 10 pounds. So I can say I know your plan will work.

    I also LOVE your conclusion – and it bears repeating …

    “Do this for 12-16 weeks, and you will totally transform your body. That’s only 3 months. Think back to what you were doing 3 months ago. Doesn’t seem like that long ago does it? Just think, if you were to have started this plan then, you would be reading this having the body you’ve always wanted.”

  • Megan

    I love this diet plan, I’m seeing results already and its only been a couple of days! My problem is, I’m finding it hard to consume all those carbs post workout. I weigh 145 so i’ve tried to hit the 70 grams of carbs, but it has been difficult to eat so much. What do you recommend I do? Are there foods like oatmeal that have more carbs per serving? I have been eating Ezekiel toast and fruit as my carbs.

    • Coach Calorie

      Try focusing on foods that are a little more carb dense. A banana oatmeal protein shake should work well to hit the mark.

  • anny

    I going to need help with my thights, hips and gluteus. I need to lose 15 pounds ASAP!!!

  • Claudia

    HI my name is Claudia, I happened to run into your Facebook page and click on this link, I am excited I am gonna take this 30 day challenge, so i use to run a lot top for 2 1/2 hours every single day Mon-Sun and manage to lose weight. I use to weight 190 and drop down to 160 and i hit a plateau, I just recently moved to Washington State and I am trying to go back to my old routines of running and I would replace my meals with Protein shakes, and I was unsuccessful. I managed to gain 7 pounds in two months and ugh I am going crazy now I hit the gym but i need to focus mind over body. I run in the treadmill for 40minutes then lift weight for my arms and legs. But now I cant seem to manage to maintain my same diet and exercise and I am glad that I ran into your website, I will take this challenge starting tomorrow Morning. But I really need help with my stomach i cant seem to loose my big huge gut Help Please any suggestions.

    I hit the gym at 10am/before heading out I always drink black coffee
    after gym I eat breakfast like a pb&j and a cup of coffee
    at 3 i make myself a protein shake and that’s all
    and at 5 or 6 make myself dinner like steam vegetables and add cheese or tuna sandwich..
    Now i know water is important and I seem to lost my focus on my old ways since i moved in with my fiance can you help me

    • Coach Calorie

      Hi Claudia, it looks like you are severely under-eating (it only looks like 600 calories in your meal plan). That is a recipe for failure. Have you added up your calories? Try the plan outlined in this post. More importantly though, eat more food – especially with your activity level.

  • Elisa

    Hello Coach!
    I’m lovingt his site. I need your help and I’m coming to you because I need some specifics on what to do how to do it. I am 45 years old. I am currently 180-185 pounds (refused to look at the scale lately). I have started to walk in the past 3 weeks approximately 4 days a week. I have no seen the inside of a gym in over 8 months and I want to loose 30 pounds by August 15th. I know that it is doable. I love my body, and though I don’t eat a lot I definitely eat all the wrong things and maybe not enough of the right things. I have been eating good salads lately but feel that I should be doing much more for myself. My goal is to lose 10 pounds by the end of June. I KNOW THAT I CAN, but I need YOUR HELP. Can you please outline for me what I should be doing for the next 25 days. And I don’t mind working hard and/or food does not bore me. I can eat the same exactly thing for the next 90 days if need be. So here are my questions:

    What should my breakfast consist of?
    Snack 1
    Snack 2

    Workouts – should I continue to walk or should I go back to the gym?

    Do you believe in the lemon cleanse?

    I want to kick-start my new life…I’m glad for any help you can provide.



  • cristina

    hi there. i would like to start this diet for a month but i could use with some advice as in meals…like every 5 meals every wk..cause i just dont know where to start from…
    thank you

  • Krystal

    Hi Coach,
    I have been dieting/working out for 3 months now. I am 5’4″, 129 lbs with 20.6% body fat. I have seen no change in any of these stats over the 3 months and I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong. I work out for a minimum of 50 minutes 6 days a week. I run a minimum of 2 miles per day at a speeds varying from 6-8 mph. I use the stair machine 5 min per day, and strength train 30 min each day. I also do a boot camp twice a week that combines strength and cardio for 50 minutes. Here is my diet which I follow strictly:
    5 a.m. Syntrax protein shake (100 cal)
    8 a.m. 1/2 cup natural oatmeal, tbsp coconut oil, 3 egg whites
    10 a.m. 2 rice cakes
    Noon- 3 oz extra lean ground turkey, 1 cup cooked brown rice
    3 pm- 2 oz tuna, 1 cup broccoli
    6 pm- 3 oz chicken breast, 6 spears of asparagus
    8 pm- syntrax protein shake
    Also, I’m averaging 120 oz of water each day
    From January to march, I watched my calorie intake and did 30 min of cardio 7 days/week. I lost 15 lbs doing that. I thought this diet plus adding strength training would help me lose my last 10 lbs, but nothing’s happening. Any suggestions?

    • Coach Calorie

      Hi Krystal, you must be exhausted! That is very few calories for such an intense work out schedule. You’re only eating around 1000 calories a day. I’d be eating almost double that with that much exercise. Eating too few calories can be just as detrimental towards fat loss as eating too many.

  • Roni

    Coach, one question. Are you supposed to include the one tbsp fish oil with your fat intake in your meals, or is that up and above?

    I was recently diagnosed with hypothyriod and adrenal fatigue and I am supposed to be eating very close to this meal plan and I have been struggling with how and how much etc, I am really hoping this will help. I have been eating well and exercising for a few years now and fell out of the habit when I started getting sick, I am hoping this well be the assistance I need.

    Thank you so much for sharing this information with us.


    • Coach Calorie

      Hi Roni, the fish oil can count as your healthy fat.

  • Kirsty


    I am in need of some help!
    I have had a bit of a bad week and really need to motivate myself – my diet is something like this at the moment
    breakfast – coco pops
    lunch – whopper or 1/4 lb cheesebureger meal with diet coke
    tea – some meat and either potato or pasta, chicken fajhita, etc
    snack – chocolate bars
    drinks – coffee, diet coke, water

    I have been a bit lax at gym as well – jacuzzi has become a favourite rather than work out 4 times I should be


  • ldyclements

    Just found this. Finally something I can adhere to without confusion and/or feeling overwhelmed except: I have been attempting to follow a low/paleo type of eating and gave up. I am 57, 5’1, 175 lbs. and diabetic. Was trying to stick to 30 carbs/day, while trying to squish in 1200 cals (using MyPal to help calclulate) Starting July 1st, I plan to kick into slow gear and add some walking via treadmill 6 days a week, with cardio dance thrown in 3 days a week and some strength training the other 3 —modified for this out of shape slow-burner. Having said all that, here is my conundrum: The “diet” says to eat 5 meals a day. I have trouble eating 3 x a day and usually don’t eat my first meal till between 11 a.m. and 1p.m. So, really, most days it’s just twice a day. How in the world do I start eating 5 x a day with feelling like I am chained to eating? Iooking at what I just wrote, I look hopeless indeed!

    • Coach Calorie

      If you really have trouble eating 5 meals a day, you could always divide up your calories into 3 meals. Just make sure you are eating enough calories. 1200 calories is barely anything. You need more food. 30 grams of carbs a day is low too. I like paleo, but you don’t have to go that low. You can keep it under 100 grams and still be effective.

  • Hollie

    Hi coach,

    I am running 5miles M/w/F, circuit/interval workouts on T/TH/S. I am 5’5 and 145. I’ve been trying to get to 130 for sometime, but continue to struggle. I have played around with my calorie intake and can’t find a balance. I am a super clean eater with one cheat a week. I do track my calories and stay around 1200-1400 a day. Do I need to be eating back my calories burned to stay around 1200-1400? I struggle with energy problems trying to find a balance on c/f/p…can you please give my advice on the right calories I should be eating?

    • Coach Calorie

      1200 calories might be too low for your activity level. Try increasing them by 500/day and see how things go. If you’re not losing any weight eating 1200 calories a day, you certainly don’t need to be eating 200 calories a day to lose 2lbs/week (1000 deficit a day).

      Increase your calories and make sure you are eating carbohydrates post workout to replenish glycogen stores.

  • shefs

    i am a vegetarian, can you please tell me if its ok to eat whole wheat flour tortillas for dinner?

    • Coach Calorie

      I’m not a fan of processed foods. Every once in a while is OK, but I wouldn’t make it a habit.

  • Stacey

    I am thinking of taking up this routine, I am a member of a local gym and have been for two years now mainly just doing classes and my weight has been up and down the whole time. I would preferably like to loose 5kg. A lot of articles I have come accross lately suggest that weights are the best for loosing weight? I definitnely dont do enough of these.

    Also with this diet plan is alcohol a never item? This is my biggest problem! I usually drink wine, will this hinder any weight loss efforts? I would usually consume 1 -2 bottles a week.

    • Coach Calorie

      Strength training is definitely a big component of body transformation. I would add it if you aren’t doing any.

      I think that a couple glasses of wine throughout the week is fine. 1-2 bottles might be pushing it. Everything in moderation.

  • Kay Pap

    Hey Coach…

    Just want to tell you this website rocks…you rock and everything you say is amazing.
    It works for me and my daughters too! We love and appreciate your honesty and expertise in all fields of nutrition and exercise…Im right into this 10lb in 30 days diet…hard to eat so many meals but after two weeks you kinda look forward to the next meal…Im feeling more hungry which means my metabolism is churning away!!! My body shape has changed for the better…im looking forward to the next few months…and I feel amazing and fool of energy too!! Looking forward to an ice cream binge when i reach my goal…then back on track…
    thanks Coach youre a star!!

    • Coach Calorie

      Thanks Kay. Glad everything is working out for you!

  • cedel

    This is a wonderful site and i love it. I am 5’4 30 year old woman trying to lose 40lbs and maintain the weight. I do not have a good eating habit. As much as i try, i cant seem to get myself on a very healthy eating style and no regular exercise routine but i am ready to make a very positive change. Please advice me on how to start and how to maintain. Am thinking of registering at a gym but not sure if i should do that or just exercise at my own pace. Your advice will be very helpful.Thank you.

  • Lauren

    Hey I was just wondering if I could lose weight just through diet?

    • Coach Calorie

      Yes you can, but weight doesn’t necessarily equal fat. Strength training will make your weight loss much more successful.

  • KATT

    I’m almost 50 and I’ve gained 50+ pounds when I got on the Depro-vera several, several years ago and no longer on it. When I turned 42 my menopause started. I’ve tried practically every diet remedy you can think of; bought off the shelf or through an infomercial ad! I even walked for 6 months diligently and went to the gym on the days I didn’t go walking. I even became vegetarian. PLS TELL ME WHAT I’M DOING WRONG??? I need help to lose these 50+ pounds…my health, my lower back, my weight and more importantly being around for my grand-daughter is at the priority of my list. PLS HELP ME! Thanks… *

    • Coach Calorie

      It looks like you are searching for some kind of short-term solution to your problem. Only a lifestyle change is going to get you to your goals. Eat whole foods. Cut out the processed foods. Strength train and do some form of cardiovascular training. If you can do that and be consistent about it, the weight will take care of itself.

  • Arlette

    Um hi, i am 14 years old, and i am 5 feet and i am a little over healthy weight for my height, and i was wondering if you can give me ideas of what i can eat as a meal for each day because i couldn’t understand what you wrote at the top, its not very specific. But, anyways Every morning and night i usually do 50 jumping jacks, 45 situps and 20 pushups, and during the days i might switch off swimming, or running, or walking. And, if i don’t do them two during the day i usually do the wii fit for 30 minutes. I need your opinion on what i can eat and what i can do that is easier for me please:)

    • Coach Calorie

      Arlette, at 14 years old, the last thing you need to worry about is dieting. My suggestion would be to just start eating more whole foods and less processed foods. If you don’t know what these are, google them. You are growing and your metabolism is high. Simply changing the types of food you eat will be all you need to do.

  • Diane

    Hi Coach Calorie!

    I was really inspired by this eating plan and exercise schedule, so I puzzled together a daily menu according to your guidelines. I am 5’8″ and weigh 158 lbs, so I calculated 1580 calories and 198 grams of protein. Is that right? Yesterday’s menu was this (I know it’s boring, but fine for me):

    Walked briskly for 45 minutes.
    4 oz cooked chicken – 249 cals, 37 g protein
    4 oz baked potato 104 cals
    5 cherries 25 cals

    4 oz cooked chicken – 249 cals, 37 g protein
    1 cup cauliflower sauteed in 1 tsp olive oil 65 cals

    4 oz cooked chicken – 249 cals, 37 g protein
    1 cup cauliflower sauteed in 1 tsp olive oil 65 cals

    3 oz cooked chicken – 187 cals, 28 g protein
    4 oz sliced cucumbers – 12 cals

    8 oz beef tips – 320 cals, 47 g protein
    1 cup raw cauliflower – 25
    1 tbsp shredded Parmesan cheese – 21 cals

    Total Cals – 1590, Total Protein 198

    I’m doing a similar menu today. It’s 3:30 and I’ve had two meals (7 and 12, total 730 cals). I should have another one but I am SO NOT HUNGRY! Do I choke it down anyway? I haven’t worked out yet.

    Also, 9PM seems so late to eat such a high-cal meal – can you explain the rationale for that?

    Thanks for the plan!

    • Coach Calorie

      Hi Diane, yes, that looks right. It looks a little monotonous for my taste, but if you can stick to it, it will certainly work. You might need to work your way up to that much food if you aren’t used to eating that many calories. If you aren’t hungry, don’t eat, but if you are very active, it’s only a matter of time until you appetite returns.

  • Jackie

    Hey coach! I’m having a hard time understanding the portion size. Would a fist size be appropriate for each meal? And also when do fruits fit in Your meal

    • Coach Calorie

      A fist size protein portion could work if you are a female that weighs in the low to mid 100s. Fruit can be eaten during the carbohydrate meals. If you aren’t being super strict with this, then a piece of fruit hear or there will be just fine. Fruit is healthy. No one ever got fat eating fruit.

  • kacie

    Hi! This article is great to get me motivated; but I consider myself kind of a tricky case… I am 30 years old, 5’4″, 132lbs, 22% fat. I don’t eat meat except for fish, no dairy, no eggs. I have a curvy figure that I think factors into my fat percentage… My measurements are 37/27/34. I don’t necessarily want to lose weight… But I want to be fit. What is a good goal for fat percentage for a body type like mine? Some other random questions would be: are sweet potatoes considered a vegetable or a carb? Is it true the average serving size is the size of your fist? I eat a lot of salmon and tuna, what are other good protein options with my lifestyle restrictions?

    • Coach Calorie

      Hi Kacie, the body fat percentage you want to aim for depends on your goals. If you want to see your abs, you’ll need to work on getting down into the mid teens.

      Sweet potatoes are a carb, and yes, your fist can be used as a good guide for portion size.

  • Este

    Can you create the same regimen except for those of us who do not go to the gym?
    How can we do the strength at home?

    • Coach Calorie

      Este, take a look at the bodyweight strength training section in the article. That is just one of many examples of what you can do from home.

  • Este

    How can we follow this from home? I do not belong to a gym.

    Thank you.

  • Marie


    I’m 5’9 and I weigh 145 lbs. I’ve lost 30 lbs in the past year and I want to lose 10 more pounds. I really WANT to just weigh 130lbs. I still control the food that I eat and even reduced my calorie intake to about 1000-1300 a day, but I’m not loosing weight anymore. I don’t know what happened but I guess I got stucked to it or something. I stopped working out and I just started doing it again, hoping I will lose some more pounds. Is there anything you can suggest Coach?

    • Coach Calorie

      Yes there is. I would strongly suggest you take progress pictures and body fat measurements this time. You could very well be making progress that won’t show up on the scale.

  • Marian

    what can i do to lose 15 or 10 pounds in one month and two weeks i weight 140 pounds would like to lose as soon as possible do you recommend anything special i can do

    • Coach Calorie

      What not try the plan I outlined in the article?

  • Charm

    I have exactly one month and one day to lose about 10-20 pounds, so I am going to try this, and hope I can stick to it! This seems like some really good info. It’s the sticking to it part that I normally have trouble with!

  • naomi droulard

    i have lost 12 pounds with this plan i did this for a whole month and love the results thank you for the help

    • Coach Calorie

      Glad it worked out for you Naomi, and thank you for sharing your results.

  • rebecca

    this sounds great but I barely manage to eat twice a day most days I can’t imagine eating 5 times a day I am (always have been this way) rarely hungry and never been a ‘snacker’ …some of this I can do easy but that and the increase in protein idk

    • Coach Calorie

      Rebecca, try having 3 main meals with 2 protein based snacks in between. Might be much easier for you.

  • Sandra

    Hi Coach,

    Good looking plan here. Just determined today that I may have been eating too low for a while and have bumped my calories up. Question regarding the exercise in this plan. I’m currently doing hour long Crossfit and Boot Camp style workouts that are cardio & weight training in one 3 times a week, plus some HIIT 20 min workouts at home 2 times a week. Can you give me advice how to adapt the workout plan here to accommodate crossfit & boot camp workouts? Should I count them as my weight training and add in more cardio, or count them as cardio and add in weights… or a little of each? Or should I just stop that altogether for the 30 days on this plan?

    For example here’s a recent boot camp circuit: lunge w/back leg on step holding dumbell, burpees, jump rope, plank hold, bicycles (ab exercise), jump squats holding medicine ball, squats holding kettlebell – all repeated 3 times with 6-8 sprints basketball court length in between each round. Crossfit workouts are fairly similar.

    thanks for your guidance, enjoying reading your site!

    • Coach Calorie

      I would stick to your crossfit and bootcamp workouts. No reason to mess with a good thing. Make sure you are eating your carbs after those intense workouts.

  • Emily Owl


    This may be a dumb question, and forgive me if I’m making this harder than it is, but I was hoping someone can help me with the math w/regard to this diet plan. Say, if I had weighed 120 before I began to put on lbs. and reached my highest at 140. & I would like to lose weight so that I can get back to my slimmer, healthier body (I’m 5’5″) … these measurements, like 1.25g of protein, would be mathematically applied towards my projected weight? Is this how it works?

    1.25g x 120 lbs? = 25g
    25g divided by 6 meals = about 4g of protein per meal?

    Thanks in advance!!

    • Emily Owl

      Oops, I realize I already messed up on the calculation, but I think you get the gist of what I was trying to ask. =) Thanks again!

      • Coach Calorie

        Hi Emily, it’s 1.25 times your current weight. The number seems high to many people, but I know if I tell people 1.25, they’ll actually get closer to 1. I want people to focus on upping their protein intake. That is the ultimate goal.

        Ideally, you should be just fine eating about 25-30 grams of protein/meal. The numbers are guidelines. The main points that make this successful are higher protein, healthy fats, veggies, and carbs only after your workouts.

  • diane

    With so many apps/diets focusing on net calories I am wondering if I should “eat back” what calories are burned through exercise or just be concerned with total number of calories eaten on a daily basis? Looking forward to beginning this plan this coming weekend! Thanks :)

    • Coach Calorie

      Diane, you should be creating a calorie deficit with your exercise calories included. If your BMR is 2000 calories, and you burn 500 calories during exercise, that means you need 2500 calories to maintain your weight. To lose 2 pounds a week, subtract about 1000 cals/day from that.

  • Mira

    This is a safe plan? I know that with “diets”, once you do them, then you lose all your weight but then gain it back soon.
    Will this weight loss plan that you gave above cause the weight to come back once you stop them?

    • Coach Calorie

      Mira, not sure what you mean by safe, but it is a healthy plan. Whether you gain weight back afterwards all depends on how you start eating when you finish. If you go back to old eating habits, your body will respond in kind. This weight loss plan is all about eating healthy foods and controlling the timing of your carb intake. It can be adapted for a complete lifestyle by adjusting the calorie intake when you’re done losing the weight you want.

  • Kellie

    Hi I was wondering about how I count the calories in salads. I eat a salad almost every night with dinner. My salads consist of mixed greens kale, spinach, celery, snap peas, cucumber and tomatoes. Occasionally I will add apples. I always use low cal vinaigrette or olive oil and red wine vinegar. I count the cal in my salad dressing but not sure about the rest. I try to use it as my filler if I’m feeling extra hungry.

    Also I usually will have a protein shake in the morning as my post work out meal, I add flax seed oil, apple cider vinegar and fish oils…….should I be spreading out the oils a bit or do ou think that is fine??

    • Coach Calorie

      Hi Kellie, I usually don’t count the greens, but I’d count the tomatoes and possibly cucumber. They all have calories obviously, but some are negligible and aren’t worth the trouble IMO.

      You certainly don’t HAVE to spread out the oils, but that depends more on how much of each you are using. If it isn’t more than a tbsp combined, I wouldn’t worry about it.

  • Virginia

    Hey I need help,

    I have been trying to get to 140lbs for 3 months now and i am still at 148-149. Here is my routine, Coffee-fruit for breakfast, meat veggie for lunch, (Peanut butter/peanuts for snack) and whatever for dinner. no carbs

    Mondays-Weight lifting and Zumba 2 hours
    Tuesdays-Kickboxing Class and Spinning class 2 hours
    Wednesday-High Impact aerobics and weight lifting 2 hours
    Thursdays-Kickboxing Class and Core Class 2 hours
    Fridays-Run 3.5 miles
    Saturday and Sunday-REST and eat whatever I want

    PLEASE HELP …I am getting frustrated because I feel Iike I work out so hard

    • Coach Calorie

      Hi Virginia, where’s all your food? Looks like less than 800 calories there. You should be eating almost double that (or more) based on your exercise levels. Don’t fall into the trap that less is more when it comes to food and weight loss. You need to feed your body nutrition if you expect it to shed the fat.

  • Collette

    Hi Coach,

    I just started your program and I am liking it so far. I have a question. On cardo days is only one fruit allowed post workout. Is that the only carb allowed for that day. Please clarify. Thanks a lot.

    • Coach Calorie

      Hi Collette, in the plan I laid out, yes, that is the only time to have fruit is after cardio. However, fruit is healthy, and I’ve never seen anyone get fat eating fruit, so if you want a piece later in the day, don’t stress over it too much :)

  • jade

    hey coach so im a 16 year old going on 17 and i’ve been stuggling to lose weight for as long as i can remember. im about 5’2 and roughly 180 pounds. my goal is to lose 50 pounds by my birthday in december.since i have school it is alot harder to eat 5 times a day and buy all the food necessary for this plan…..i was wondering is it still possible to reach my goal?

    • Coach Calorie

      Hi Jade, possible? Yes, but it’s not something I would set a goal for. Set more realistic goals so you aren’t discouraged when or if you see you aren’t going to make them. Weight loss takes time. Half that amount is highly likely, and if you aim for 25 pounds, anything more is a pleasant surprise. So much of weight loss is mental. Don’t set yourself up for failure before you even get started.

  • Kritika

    Hey coach i m 18 . My height is 5’1 and wt. is 155 lbs . I want to be 120 lbs in 3 months before my bro’s marriage . I cant go to gym everyday due to my upcoming exams . Can i lose it through regular cardio and abs workout at home complete controlled diet.

    • Coach Calorie

      Hi Kritika, I wouldn’t recommend it. Strength training makes the whole fat loss process so much easier. Good news is that you don’t need a gym. Your body weight can take you the distance. See the article for a basic gym-less exercise routine.

  • Kyle

    Hey coach, I have been working out for about 2 months now. I was working out after work, but I lacked the energy because of my long day so I decided to work out before work when I wake up. Today was my first time trying this out. I woke up and had a glass of water, loosened up, and got to work. I began having a stomach ache after the first reps I did which lasted throughout my entire work out. I did less than half of my normal workout because I felt so sick, and I had to go lie down for about an hour(then it went away). My question is, should I eat before I workout and if so how long before? My stomach was empty besides about 8 ounces of water so I dont think any food triggered this. Please let me know.

    • Kyle

      Note: Should I eat before I workout in the morning, and i have a limited time because I have work(about 2 1/2 hours from waking up to walking into work.)

  • Kay Ralph

    Hi Coach, I’m 71 yrs young but need help getting into shape.Healthy but need to shed 10 lbs. Not on an execerize plan.. rather dig ditches.. Any suggestions?

    • Coach Calorie

      Hi Kay, any reason you wouldn’t want to try the plan outlined in this article?

  • Naz

    Hi ,
    ive just come across this and i think youve been giving some great 26 years old and weigh 130lbs i have a 4 yr old son i want to ideally loose 15 lbs because thats the weight i was pre pregnancy i keep fluctuating between 130 and 125 lbs.i workout regularly take spinning classes thrice a week and circuit training 3 times as dietim finding very difficult to good would a dairy and fruit diet be i feel more energetic on it than meat i also eat tons of veg but ofcourse the real killer is my on and off junk food binging which had no impact till a year ago but now im piling on weight what are the healthy alternatives.

    • Naz

      i forgot to mention im 5’5

    • Coach Calorie

      Nothing wrong with dairy and fruit. Some people have a dairy intolerance, and if you’re one of them, it would be best to limit it. Other than that, they would not take the place of meat or other high protein sources. Other than that, take a look at my Pinterest page to see some healthy snack ideas –

  • Heidi

    Hi Coach,
    I am going crazy! I yo-yo between 120-135pounds I am a 34 woman, have a small frame and am 5’5″ I have two wonderful children so I am looking for longevity. Being active and extra trim I know makes a huge difference. I will eat super a healthy whole food diet and will get back down to about 120ish and then will blow it (totally binge) with either way too much food or all the wrong food. I ALWAYS FEEL STARVING OR DEPRIVED!! I also feel I fall off track because I’m not sure if I’m eating too litlle or fearing I’m eating too much. I cannot survive on 1200-1500calories. Is that too little or is it about right?????? A quick diet is not going to work for me but your meal/workout plan seems totally doable. When I am on track i like to briskly walk about 3miles atleast 3 times a week. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE tell me how many calories to eat if i want to loose .5-1 pound a week if I commit to briskly walking 3 miles 3 times a week. i feel I can stick with that if I get enough calories to not go crazy, I have bottomless pit for a stomach. I drink at the minimum 64oz water a day most days more than twice that. I (really)love veggies,fruit,lentils,beans,brown rice,quinoa,hummus, healthy homeade green smoothies,nuts,nut butters.salsa,guacamole,TJ’s fresh breschetta sauce treats I love are soy ice cream, brie/wholegrain crackers,wine. I am stressing so much. By the way I am 95%vegan for health reasons

    • Coach Calorie

      Hi Heidi, no one can give you an exact calorie recommendation. However, I would set my calories at BMR or slightly above (google BMR calculator), and create a calorie deficit of 500 calories/day with activity/exercise. That should net you about 1lb/week. 1200 calories is too low.

  • Linda

    so just to make sure i’m understanding correctly. If i weigh 180, i need to ingest 270 grams of protein?? am i missing something?

    • Coach Calorie

      Hi Linda, it’s 1.25/lb, not 1.5, so that would be 225 grams. If you think that’s a lot for you, and you carry a very high body fat percentage, you might be better suited to use lean body mass instead of weight to determine protein intake. Protein needs to be high for this to work. It’s lower carb, and some protein will be converted to glucose via gluconeogenesis.

  • Alex Alven

    Hi, this is a great plan. Thank you for putting this on here. I am not to sure what kinda of fats i should use? I know EVOO and things like that? Like if i cook some chicken should i use it then? , that will get kinda boring. Any help will be much appreciated.

    • Coach Calorie

      Alex, nuts, seeds, oils, and fats naturally occurring in meats, eggs, and other foods would be good healthy fats.

  • David

    Hi Coach,

    Gonna start your strength training recommendations tomorrow but I have some questions. I am diabetic and I eat very few veggies and fruits. I just can’t stand the textures of those foods. Can you offer some suggestions or substitutes for the fruits n veggies in the meal plans?

    • Coach Calorie

      Hi David, I don’t have any recommendations other than to try changing the texture of the fruit and veggies. These foods are essential to this “diet” and health in general. Google “cauliflower mashed potatoes”. It’s a creative way to eat cauliflower, and it has the texture of mashed potatoes. It’s quite good.

  • David

    Forgot to mention. I am lethally allergic to tree nuts and peanuts.

  • Fred

    Hi, what are good breakfast foods that require little to no preparation. Is oatmeal okay? Also, I’ve usually got 20 minutes to eat and get out.

    • Coach Calorie

      Hi Fred, I eat all food at all times of the day. Much easier that way. However, oats with protein powder is a common breakfast. Chicken omelet is another. Or, you could always make a shake. I make mine with oats, a frozen banana, 50 grams of whey, a handful of spinach, and about 6 ounces of water blended. This would be a post-workout meal according to this diet.

  • Fred

    Also, during wrestling season I have heavy conditioning every day, however I currently weigh in at 180 lbs. I’d like to drop ten pounds to move down a weight class, but I know intensely fast weight cutting can have health hazards.

    • Coach Calorie

      Depending on your current body fat, that is doable in a month. However, if you are already lean, you might need to plan on closer to .5% body fat loss/week.

  • MsLovelyGurl12

    well im wondering….
    what is stengh trainging and what if we do have a pull up bar and cant do pushups help what should i do i need to lose about 25-35 pounds Helpp..!!!

    • Coach Calorie

      I’d recommend you Google “strength training” and read up on what it is.

      Everyone can do a pushup, you just might need to alter it a bit to add less resistance. If you can’t do a normal one, see if you can do one from your knees. If that is too much, stand up and press up against the wall. Anyone can do that. Slowly work your way up to more resistance.

      More importantly, get your nutrition in order. That is going to make the biggest difference.

  • Marie

    Hi, i dont know if this is relevant to this page or not but i stumbled on these comments and thought maybe you could help me out. I am currently 108 pounds and 5’2. Back in 7th grade i started running on the track and cross country team and ran a 5:45 minute mile but highschool hit and i gained weight(causing me to slow down) . My cross country season has just ended no more than 3 weeks ago and i have 3 to 4ish months until track starts. I have been giving my legs a little break after a hard season of interval training by going 3-6 miles on the elliptical, and doing mild strengthening . I have recently been trying to cut out sweets (like desserts and candy, artificial sweeteners and butters etc. ) as well as processed foods.I workout 1 1/2 to 2 hours a day and i still dont know why im not losing weight! My purpose of losing around 8-9 pounds is to become firmer and faster for my competitive seasons ahead. My Cross Country and track couch told me in order to truly competitive in track is to get up to running 35 miles a week. So my question is what am i doing wrong? and what else do i need to do?! I have only until March to reach my goals and im in a pickle!!!!

    • Coach Calorie

      Hi Marie,

      I don’t know all your stats, but if you’re very active, you need to make sure you’re eating enough calories to support your activity levels. Eating too little will have just the opposite effect you’re after. Long distance running requires a lot of fuel, and at 108 pounds, I wouldn’t be surprised if you needed more than 1500 calories a day. Start counting your calories and adjust from there.

  • Nancy Huerta

    Hello my name is nancy I just had a baby 3 months ago I need to lose all my baby weight bits its been hard for me what can I do here at my house to lose this big donut I have in my stomach???? I wish to lose 60pounds so I can feel great by my anniversary in march 28 help plz!!!!!!!

  • Breanna

    Hi, I’m a freshman in highschool and, 160lbs and 5’4″. I’d imagine I wouldn’t notice a drastic change in my body the first month because it’d probably be whole lot of waterweight. But if I were to add additional exercises in with what you already have, would that increase the chance of losing more weight? And do you have exercises that i could do instead of incline and bench presses because I ended my membership at the gym and we don’t have one in our home. Also if anyone has any other suggestions I would love to here them. My goal is to make people take a double look and think “damn, I didn’t think she could do it.” I think what this is will help alot. Thank you so much!
    Sincerely, Breanna Brown

    • Rmarty

      You can do it

  • paige

    Hey Coach! I’m 25 and just had my first baby 3 months ago and I am ready to get back in shape and lose the baby weight. I’m so glad I found this post and I am excited to try it. I started following your pinterest board as well; so great. Thanks so much for posting this, I needed help figuring out what to do!

    • Coach Calorie

      Hi Paige, glad you found what you’re looking for. Let me know if you need help along the way :)

  • Coach Calorie

    More exercise isn’t always better. What I have outlined here should be sufficient to maintain or put on a little muscle while in a hypocaloric environment.
    If you don’t have a gym, you can always do bodyweight training. Pushups, pull-ups, burpees, bodyweight squats, lunges, sprints, etc. Good luck!

  • Coach Calorie

    Hi Nancy, I don’t want to discourage you, but your goal of losing 60 pounds in 3 months is very unrealistic. Realistically, you can expect to lose that weight over the course of a year. Set a goal of .5% body fat loss per week. Be patient. This isn’t a race. If you start now you have the potential to lose up to 10% body fat by your anniversary, and that will make your body look completely different.

  • Patricia


    When you say eat “10-12 times your body weight in calories”, does it mean body weight in kilograms, right? Just to make sure… Patricia

  • Vandyrik

    Thanks a lot for publishing this. A question I have is whether or not type of carb (GI value, simple vs. complex) makes a difference? Would there be a difference in meeting the post-workout carb quota if I ate a bagel vs. oatmeal?

  • Coach Calorie

    Stick with whole foods, and don’t worry so much about GI values. There are pros and cons to both hi GI and low GI foods, but you can’t go wrong either way if they’re whole foods. Focus more on nutrients.

  • Juan

    So the more. Body fa, the easier it is too lose weight?

    • Coach Calorie

      Hi Juan, I wouldn’t go so far as to say it’s easier, but you do have the potential to lose body fat at a faster pace.

  • Coach Calorie

    This is actually in pounds.

  • Coach Calorie

    Hi Maria, 50 pounds in 5 months might be a bit of a lofty goal. 10 pounds in a month is realistic if you are just getting started. Once you get going, .5% body fat loss per week is more realistic.

    I wouldn’t concern yourself too much with adding muscle. It’s harder than you think, and any added muscle will make you look better. The fears you have of looking like a bulky man are unfounded. Trust me. Get out there and strength train. It will make the job of fat loss so much easier, and you will be much happier with the results.

  • ruby707

    Tomorrow i start will get back at u in a month to tell u how i did wish me luck :)

  • Brie

    Hi there. I’m sixteen years old and highly over weight, standing at 5’7 and weighing 200 pounds. I’m looking for something long term and am willing to try this. Would you advise this for someone my age? I also don’t have access to a gym. How do you suppose I go about working out without equipment? I know that I can do things like jogging, sit ups, push ups, crunches, etc. at home, but do you have any other ideas?

  • Jessica

    “1.25 grams of protein per pound of lean body mass divided evenly into each meal” How do I figure this out ?

  • Coach Calorie

    First, you need to measure you body fat percentage. You can use the cheap pair of calipers that I mentioned in the article.

    Then, let’s say you weight 150lbs with 20% body fat. That means you have 30lbs of fat (20% of 150), and 120 lbs of lean body mass (150lbs – 30lbs of fat).

    So, 1.25 grams per pound of lean body mass is (1.25 * 120 = 150 grams). Then divide that evenly into 5 meals ( 150 / 5 = 30 grams per meal). Make sense?

    • Jessica

      That does make sense, thank you!! Another question I had was: when you listed to eat veggies, protein and fat…. what would be food to eat for the fat, would that be like avacado, nuts or something like that?

  • Coach Calorie

    Hi Brie, at your age you’d be surprised what you can get away with by just changing the quality of your food. If you can eliminate 90% of the processed food you’re eating and replace it with whole foods, you will get the majority of the results you’re looking for.

    Without equipment there is plenty you can do. Pushup, pullups, squats, lunges, burpees, and kinds of variations of each. You might want to head to YouTube and search for bodyweight exercises. You’ll find plenty of instructional videos there.

  • Coach Calorie

    Good luck and let us know how it turned out! If you stick to it to a “T”, you will get results.

  • Max

    Hi i am a 15 year old male and i am 5 foot 10 inches. I weigh 171 pounds and would like to lose just 10 pounds to get in shape for spring sports coming up. Are there any tips to keep in shape when sports start? I used to work out and do cardio a lot but i never really got back to it. Thanks

  • Amber

    Hey there! I’m getting married in 7 months and would like to lose 60 pounds. Is this a realistic goal? I’m thinking I will set a goal for 10 Ibs per month by cutting 1000 calories from my daily calorie intake and then exercising a few times a week. Will I still lose 2 pounds a week without the exercise?

  • LOLI

    Hey, Im 18 yeras old and my weight is 135 lbs and at least I want to go down to 125 lbs. Im like 5’5 and my standard weight was always 122 lbs. Is this diet good for me?

  • stella

    Hi I am 17 year old girl.I am 5’8” and I weight from 126-128 pounds.I would like to lose 11-13 pounds but mostly because I am not satisfied with my tummy area.I would like to flatten it and lose some fat I got there but to have it look hourglass shape like…hope u understand what I am trying to say.Anyway is that possible ,is it healthy and how much time will it take for me to do that?:)

  • Lydia

    Im 23 years old, 5’7 and weigh about 125 pounds. I know that may not sound like I should lose weight but I am looking at toning my body and feeling better about myself. I am wondering what can I do to really focus on toning my body and losing a few pounds in certain areas of my body that I am uncomfortable with?

  • Coach Calorie

    I would suggest setting your calories a little closer to maintenance levels, add strength training and cardio, and focus on changing your body composition.

  • Coach Calorie

    Yes it is possible. Cut out the processed food from your diet and add in strength training. Expect to lose .5% body fat per week.

  • Samantha

    Im 17 years old and 175lbs. and im about 5`8. I have very broad shoulders and long legs, I`m hoping to drop a few pounds in my stomach. I just have a few questions about the diet in itself.

    When I looked at how much my lean muscle mass is to figure out how much protein I should be eating it told me that I have 118lbs. And after doing the math, I`m pretty sure that means I can only have about 5.2oz of protein a day. Does this sound right? Because to me, that sounds like very little. Especially if I’m supposed to be eating about 1700 calories a day, approximatley.

    Also, what consitutes as a good fat? You have lists of good veggies but im wondering if something like an egg works for fats? And would an egg be a protein and a fat put together? I would be nice to see a list of suggested fats to eat.

    I’d really love to try this lifestyle change, and I think that its totally reasonable, I just need some guidance. Thanks.

  • Mirren

    Hi. I’m 29 years old, 5’7 and weight 146 pounds. I consider myself just normal weight but want to become slim before April. Following this plan, will it take me down 10 pounds in a month, or is this more based on people who are overweight?

  • Coach Calorie

    You can expect to lose .5-1% body fat per week.

  • Coach Calorie

    5.2 ounces of meat is only about 30-35 grams of protein.

    Good fats include nuts, seeds, avocado, eggs, fats from meat, olive oil, etc.

    And yes, and egg would be a protein and fat put together.

  • Coach Calorie

    Exactly. Nuts, seeds, avocado, oils, beef, chicken, fish, etc.

  • Coach Calorie

    It could be, but at your starting weight, I wouldn’t expect to lose 10 pounds. You can realistically lose .5-1% body fat per week. To understand why, read why losing 2lbs per week isn’t realistic for everyone –

  • Coach Calorie

    I don’t think that’s realistic. However, you can expect to lose 15-20% body fat over that time (maybe a little more), which would completely transform your body.

  • Coach Calorie

    Goal and sport specific training/nutrition will depend on what you’re doing. However, make sure you are eating enough food and carbohydrates to fuel all that high-intensity exercise.

  • Claire

    Hi, I’m 24, 5’5 and 138 lbs (gained all the weight in one year eating junk and not working out like I should have). I want to get back to what I weighed in college–124, but I’m struggling to lose anything. I eat: 2 scrambled eggs (no oil or butter just a nonstick pan), an apple, 1 cup of pinto beans with 1/4 cup cheese (80 calories) and a salad with olive oil and balsamic vinegar, almonds or carrots and homemade hummus, chicken (baked with olive oil) peas or salad and a medium-sized sweet potato. I drink almost a gallon of water a day and nothing else (no soda or sugary drinks or alcohol). I do what you say 3 cardio (2 days of boxing and one of running) and 3 strength (circuit style with 5 arms, 5 legs, 5 abs and increasing the weight each week or when it’s too easy). I do have hypothyroidism and it sometimes fluctuates. I also played a sport in college so I think my body got used to 2 a day work outs. What should I do? Where should I make changes? I’m assuming in my diet, but what can I eat instead/cut out? And what can I expect to lose per week?

  • Coach Calorie

    Hi Claire, is that all you’re eating in a day? It looks low in calories. Here is my complete guide to losing weight. I suggest you read the whole thing and then let me know if you still have questions –

  • Guest

    Hi I’m 13 years old and my cousin is getting married in August and I have a really nice dress but it doesn’t look that nice on me because I’m quite fat. Her wedding is in about 10 weeks and also 5 days after her wedding I’m going on holiday to Florida so i want a nice body for the beach to. What do you suggest. And I’m also active and I’m quite fussy in food as well.

  • whitershade

    Hi, I wanted to ask you how much weight I should expect to lose with a whole30 meal plan (very strictly paleo, 3 meals a day, and I eat max 120 gr of carbs from veggie and fruit per day), hiit interval training, cardio and strength training 6 days a week (I alternate cardio and hiit one day, and strength every other day).

    I’m a 30 years old female, 5’2. Start weight was 121 lb. Now I am on day 20, and I’m 115, but I lost the most during the first week ( 4/5 lb ), just 1 during the second week and nothing at all during this third week. I would love to reach 110 or (better) 108 lb, I know that this is unrealistic in 10 days, but I would like some advice for these last 10 days in order to shred at least other 2 or 3 lb: should I cut carbs to lower than 50 gr a day? Should I increase workout?

    It seems to me that my body can easily reach the 115 point but then it immediately goes on plateau, even after just ten days of any kind of diet…is it possible?

  • Pam

    Do you really mean 1 TABLESPOON of Omega 3 a day? I just bought Carlson’s Super D Omega-3 and the serving size on the bottle is 1 TEASPOON. Fine either way, just want to get it right. Thanks!

    • Coach Calorie

      A tsp is fine as long as you can find other healthy fats to make up the rest.

  • Rad

    Hi, I am 33 years old, 5’3”, small-medium frame and 157 lbs. I need to loose 30 lbs. I just started to walk 3 miles a day. I eat lot of rice and veggies. Dont eat red meat. I eat chicken, salmon and turkey. Please let me know get back in shape to 125 lbs.

  • Nicole

    This looks like a great start, I am going to start tomorrow and droit as best as possible.. I am 5 ft 2 and weigh 149 pounds . So I want to look great going to see my family and I work at a high school. We are almost out for the summer but what a great start to summer and then returning in the fall.thanks for the ideas!

  • Sharon Brookes

    Following this diet what suggestions do you have for breakfast and dinner. Lunch for me is usually a salad so I have that covered. Thanks!

  • Sharon Brookes

    When you say “fat” in the diet plan, what are you referring to?

  • Lydia

    Hi, I’m currently 21 years old, 5’2″, and weigh 128 lbs. Is it possible for me to (healthily) lose 2 lbs per week? My goal weight is 115 lbs. What foods should I be avoiding? As for exercising, I’ve been working about 2-3 hours a day, nothing too intensive because I have asthma.
    Thank you

  • Carmen

    Hi, I’m 5’8 17, 125 pounds. Could I get down to 115 if I followed this, or since I’m at a lower weight already, would the weight loss be slower?

  • Coach Calorie

    I don’t know your starting body fat %. Expect to lose .5-1% body fat per week. Being that you are already 125, I’m going to guess that you can expect to lose 1lb/week doing it the right way.

    • Dawn Drew

      Carmen, you are at a healthy weight and you could develop health problems if you choose to be under weight, please do not bow down to thigh gap or peer pressure stuff, beauty begins in your character and behaviors…strive to be the best person you want to be …don’t ruin your body just to be popular, you are worth so much more than that:)

  • Coach Calorie

    Expect to lose .5-1% body fat per week. Read this article for more info –

  • Coach Calorie

    Healthy fats like nuts, seeds, avocado, eggs, etc

  • Coach Calorie

    Try mixing and matching the foods from this list –

  • Coach Calorie

    I don’t know. You’ll lose what you lose. Seriously though, it’s hard to predict weight loss, as plateaus happens all the time. The most likely scenario? .5-1% body fat loss per week.

  • Coach Calorie

    You need to expand your palate. Not all healthy food is as bad as you think. At your age it might seem that way though. Get active and try to avoid as much processed food as possible. Make that a lifestyle change and not just a 10 week quick fix.

  • micki

    I’m 290 pounds i have lost 40 pounds this year but i seem to be stuck at 290 hoping this plan works for me. I cant do any of your strength exercise i have bad knee from all my weight would i be able to do a low impact strength routine in place of your strength workout?

  • Coach Calorie

    Just try to get active any way you can. Focus on your nutrition.

  • Laura

    Will losing this amount of weight in a month have an negative impact on my milk production since i am breastfeeding?

  • pennypincher

    Hi, I don’t have access to any exercise equipment so I was hoping you could recommend an effective workout that could be done without the accessories. Also, I noticed many of the healthy food options, not all but many, are rather pricey especially compared to the less healthy options. With that in mind are there any foods/meals you would recommend to someone on a budget? Thank you for taking the time to post this article and your additional ones; they are extremely helpful.

  • sjava

    what should you eat before a workout…an intense workout?

  • Deanna Schober

    Hi Laura, I’ll answer this one since I have breastfed:
    The guidelines you should follow for weight loss while breastfeeding are 1-wait until your baby is 2 months old to try to lose weight 2-do not go lower than 1500-1800 calories per day, 3-do not lose more than a pound to a pound and a half per week, and 4-lower your calories gradually, not all at once. If you follow these guidelines you shouldn’t affect your milk supply at all. Good luck!

  • Crystal

    Reading this article, I have a question. I see that you stated 9 am to 9 p.m. So it is ok to eat that late? Im asking because I actually work from 9 to 730, so to me it is always hard for me to eat my last meal at work, so I do eat around 8 or 9.

  • Dagmara Boryszczyk-Roure

    veggies have carbs so how am i supposed to have veggies with every meal but carbs only in the post workout meal? What would be a good example for a post workout meal if I go to the gym in the evening? I calculated that for me it would be 54g of carbs…….how much carbs should i eat throughout the day?

  • Jane Lovatt

    I’m really surprised at the amount of calories you say we need to lose weight. I’m 4 foot 11 and 175lb. desperately trying to lose weight for over a year now, I lose 7lb then gain it…constantly. All the plans I’ve been following say eat 1200 – 1400. 1400 seems to follow BMR calculations. What’s going on, I am sooo confused!!

  • Coach Calorie

    Have you ever tried eating more for a prolonged period of time. If you have a high body fat percentage, I’d start at 1800 and adjust from there. Measure your body fat along the way so you know what’s going on. The 1200 calorie number is ridiculously low for active individuals, and unfortunately it is recommended by way too many people.

  • Coach Calorie

    There is no problem eating at night. I have my last meal around 9pm. If you are worried about it, just make it a small meal or snack.

  • Coach Calorie
  • Coach Calorie

    Here’s a list of 100 healthy foods to eat –

    It’ll be up to you to bargain shop.

    Here are 2 more articles on how to get fit on a budget:

  • Coach Calorie

    Why not follow the plan in the article?

  • Jeanette DiLoreto King

    Brilliant! Printing. I follow this 85% anyway. Great plan!!!!!

  • Christina

    I noticed that you left out Saturday on your meal plan outline. Is this by accident or is it a “free day”

  • Louise Levesque

    Hello coach, I’ve pretty much been following those rules since end of April. Even though it does not show much on the scale (about 11 lbs), I have lost a total of 10 inches and 6% body fat in 7 weeks. I have cut all process food, eating clean, whole food, lots of fruits and veggies, lean meat, good fats, no more diet pop……I was a sugar addict, and I’ve cut it all off. I trained about 9 times a week, weight training and cardio……my body is slowly transforming and I have LOTS of energy…..the best part of all, I feel great…..and it’s only the beginning!!!!! I’m less obsessed about the number on the scale, but i focus more about how I feel in general. I love your posts and discovered lots of great information since I started reading you. My personal trainer is really pleased with my progress. Thanks for your help and keep up your great work of keeping us informed!!!!

    Louise :))

    • Coach Calorie

      Great to hear Louise!

      • Louise Levesque

        One more thing about the amount of calories needed to lose weight…..I think you are bang on with the recommended amount of 10-12 times your body weight……I was eating about 7.5 to 8 times my body weight, finding in hard to eat more than that, and my weight loss was quite slow at about 0.5 to 0.8 lbs per week….. then I started my vacation and I increased my number of calories to about 10 X my body weight, maybe even a little more…..still good food though…..and I lost 4 lbs in 9 days…..I was quite surprised about that……we believe so much that to lose weight you have to decrease your calorie intake……it’s all about balance and good quality!!!!!

  • rockyb

    Can you clarify the rough calorie estimate for weight loss? Is the 10 to 12 times your body weight in calories for your current weight or your goal weight?
    I am 5′ 7″ 150 pounds. I would like to get down to 140. I run 4 to 5 miles 2 to 3 days a week and do a combination cardio/strength training work out 2 to 3 days a week. I eat fairly clean but my portions must be too large as I seem to be gaining weight. Not that many months ago I was 142 pounds.
    Thanks for your help.

  • Coach Calorie

    Current weight. Start high and come down as necessary.

  • Coach Calorie

    I don’t think I did. Double check…

  • Coach Calorie

    Green veggies and other veggies that have trace carbs (less than 5 net carbs) can be and should be eaten at every meal.

    A good post workout meal might be chicken and rice, or beans and lean beef, or fish and potato, etc

  • Anthony

    Hi coach calorie I’m 18 years, 6’3 and weigh 250 pounds. I have started to exercise regularly and have started to lower the amounts i eat. I would like to know how much calories I would need to consume to be able to lose weight and what kind of foods I should be eating

  • DRD

    How would I go about finding my lean body mass in order to determine how much carbs and protein to consume? I’m guessing it’s different from my body weight.

  • Coach Calorie

    You’ll need to measure it with body fat calipers or get tested at a facility with hydrostatic weighing or DEXA machines.

  • Shelley

    Can you please tell me the amount of calories that are in the breakfast recommendations. I would like to substitute it with an Herbalife shake I have at breakfast time but I need to make sure that the calories are close. Thanks!

  • Coach Calorie

    That all depends on your stats. Use the formulas outlined in the article.

  • Stacie

    What do you Consider to be a fat serving?

    • Coach Calorie

      If you read through the comments, I explain and give examples.

  • Laura

    I have a green drink in the morning , spinich , berries , chia seeds , flax seeds phsylium husk , lime juice and water . Is this ok ? And should I have thisbefore morning workout and then a couple of boiled eggs post workout ?

  • Coach Calorie

    You’ll be fine having that before your workout. Still have a meal containing a good amount of carbs post workout, however.

  • soulgirl

    I am on the case. and will look forward to your tips :-D

  • Coach Calorie

    Add up the calories you are currently eating and then subtract 200-300 calories. Or, you can start at 10-12 times bodyweight.

  • Rachel

    Do you have any specific meal plans or meal plan options?

  • April

    Hey Coach!

    Is it OK to add a 6th meal at night – a small protein shake w/ natural peanut butter (1 scoop whey protein, water, and 1 tbsp natural peanut butter) – in order to reach my calorie count? I am aiming for ~1800 calories/day and with 5 meals I only get to 1500 calories. I don’t know how much more broccoli or salmon/chicken I can add to my other meals! I’d rather spread the calories out…is this OK?

    Also, what is your opinion/knowledge of flax seed meal? Would I be able to make muffins from this and have it count as my fat content for a meal? (including protein and veggies to make it a full meal)

    Thanks so much!! I LOVE this site! Thank you so much for sharing so much great advice! :)

    • Coach Calorie

      Sure. Eat as many meals as necessary. Flax meal is just fine too as long as it fits your calories. Good luck!