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45 Year Old Loses 25 Inches and Competes in Figure Competitions

Pamela DrummondWelcome to the How They Did It series, where we spotlight one individual and their body transformation. Learn what they did, and how they did it to succeed at their weight loss journey. Today we are featuring Pamela Drummond.

Tell Us a Little About Yourself

My name is Pamela Drummond, I am 45 years old, and have been on my fitness journey for about three years.  After losing about 50 lbs, I started competing in figure and bikini competitions in 2010, something that 3 three years ago I would have never thought possible. So far, I have competed in four competitions, and am currently prepping for two more this fall.  However, my journey hasn’t been about achieving a certain standard or percentage of body fat, but about realizing my full potential.  It is about the confidence I have gained and the knowledge that I can do anything I set my mind to.  And most importantly, it is about the inspiration that I can give to others to do the same.

What Made You Decide to Get Fit and Healthy?

After moving to Ontario from Alberta 7 years ago, I started gaining weight and my health started to suffer.  My before picture was taken when I was at my all-time heaviest weight of 185 lbs.  Every time I see it, I just want to cry.  I remember how self-conscious and miserable I was.  I didn’t like who I had become, and I knew I had to make a change.  I cleaned up my diet, started working with weights, and incorporated cardio training.  Over the course of 18 months, I succeeded in losing nearly 50 lbs and over 25 inches, and I did it on my own without the assistance of a trainer.

What is Your Nutrition Philosophy?

Get rid of the processed junk and eat real food, every 2.5 to 3 hours.  I plan my meals in advance and make sure I take in adequate protein, fiber and water.  I also take an elite-level multi-vitamin daily, and other natural supplements as required depending on my goals at the time.

What is Your Exercise Philosophy?

Push yourself hard!  And don’t just do cardio!  Weight training is what truly transformed my shape.  Lifting weights was uncomfortable and intimidating at first, but I stuck to it and the pay-off was there.  I am not a big fan of cardio, so I do as little as I can possibly get away with (depending largely on whether I am prepping for a competition or not).

What Was the Most Important Thing You Learned During Your Transformation?

I learned the two most important components to success:

- You have to really want to do it. Bad enough to make some very difficult decisions.  Bad enough to make the extra effort and put in the extra time to make it happen.  Bad enough to not care what other people think.  Bad enough to never give up when the going gets tough.

- You have to believe that you can do it.  Never underestimate yourself and don’t be afraid to push hard for what you want to achieve.  Almost everyone is capable of doing more than they think.  If this was easy, then there wouldn’t be an obesity epidemic.  Never lose faith in yourself.

Pamela Drummond 2

What Mistake(s) Should People Avoid When Trying to Lose Weight?

Be realistic.  Real life is not like the reality shows on TV.  Don’t expect to lose 15 pounds in a week.  Don’t expect to look like a fashion model in three months.  It simply won’t happen, and if it does, it will only be a short term thing and have disastrous effects on your health.  Healthy and permanent weight loss happens at a slow and steady pace.

What Advice Do You Have For Others?

Find your motivation and inspiration.  While losing weight and getting into shape is something that you must ultimately do for yourself, remember what your motivation is for doing it.  This is what will keep you going when you are discouraged, so make sure it is something that you really want or believe in.  I think Henry Ford said it best:  “Whether you think you can or you think you can’t, you are right”.  Never underestimate the power of positive thinking!

Be sure to check out the past editions of How They Did It. If you or someone you know would like to be featured in the How They Did It body transformation series, email me at and let me know you’re interested. More details will be provided. Don’t be shy. Your story will inspire others!

  • Susan Meulemeester

    I really enjoy all these success stories! I find them inspirational and I am finally on the path to fitness.

    I just wondered if it would be possible to include height with the weight of people? Gives a lot more perspective. As you know a 5′ 185 lb woman is much larger than a 5’9″ 185 lb woman.


    • Pamela Drummond

      To satisfy your curiousity, I am 5′ 4″. Just average height for a woman my age.

      Pam D

  • Jean

    I agree that you need to include the height in every story.

    • Coach Calorie

      Susan and Jean, as you can see, I do not ask for people’s height and weight, as I think that is the least important part of the story. Body transformations are about personal inner transformations that reflect on the outside too. Her personal thoughts and insights she learned and shared during her journey are the most valuable part. :)

  • Donna

    How do you get over the intimidation with weight training? I do light weights at home,but would love to step it up with heavier ones when I’m at the gym,but don’t know how to start without help.

    • Laura

      I think being intimidated is very common. I have been weight training for years and occasionally I will try some new or add in different exercise I have not done before. I find that is a great tool for learning and practicing form. You can use search words such as ‘weight training for beginners” “gym form”, etc. is also a great resource. It classifies the muscle groups and shows the exercises and correct forms to use. Even if you do not have to tools at home, you can practice your stance and and ready yourself for the real equipment. Form is the most important part of weight lifting. Always start light and work your way up. You can always grab a trainer who is free and they should be happy to help you with some new equipment. If you have a gym membership, they usually provide one free training session. You can use this time to ask the trainer what would be best and how to use the equipment, without feeling obligated to purchase a training package.

  • Tanya

    Great inspiration(: She really takes the excuss of “to old” out of peoples mouths!
    You’re never to old to start and finish healthy:)
    Congrats on your accomplishment!

  • Vix- Miss Fitness Life

    Pamela you are a star!

    Thanks for sharing your story and your tips- both of which are gold.

  • Jennifer

    Awesome transformation! You should be so proud o yourself! I agree that transformations are often both physical and mental and it’s the energy that comes from loving yourself that inspires! Also height and weight can be so misleading – according to charts my ideal range is 40 pounds lighter – I think u would not look good nor feel good that thin!